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Roosters (males) do NOT lay eggs!

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Why does chicken lay their own eggs?

They lay eggs to reproduce, even if there is no male.

Can male chicken lay eggs?


Does a female chicken need a male chicken to have eggs?

No. You do not need a Rooster ( no such thing as a male chicken) to get a chicken to lay eggs. Eggs are produced based on daylight paterns. The rooseter is only needed if you want to fertilize the eggs.

Do male chicken lay eggs?

No they don't, only female chickens do

Do you need a hen for a chicken to lay eggs?

Hens are chickens.Hens are female chickens and lay eggs.Roosters are male chickens and do not lay eggs.So your answer is YES, you need a hen to lay eggs.

Do hens lay unfertelized eggs?

At 18 weeks a hen will start to lay eggs. They will lay an egg every day.If they are not with a rooster or male chicken they will lay an unfertilized egg.

Does a chicken lay eggs?

Yes a chicken does lay eggs your kinda dumb

Do dinosaurs lay chicken eggs?

They do not lay chicken eggs because chickens weren't even around.Some lay chicken size eggs.

How do you tell the difference for male to female chickens?

Female chickens lay eggs. A male chicken is a rooster?

Can female chickens lay eggs without a male?

Yes, they can, but the eggs will not be fertilized obviously. Depending what kind of chicken, a hen can produce eggs without a male.

Can your chicken lay an fertilize egg with out a male chicken?

No, a hen cannot lay a fertilized egg without exposure to a rooster. However, a hen can lay fertilized eggs up to a week after the male is taken out of the flock.

What chicken cannot lay eggs?

The very young, the very old and of course the male chicken which is called a rooster.

What is the difference of female leghorn chicken and a male leghorn chicken?

Females can lay eggs and roosters which are males that can't

Do All chicken lay eggs?

No Only the hens. A rooster is a chicken and they do not lay eggs.

How do farmers get the eggs from the chicken?

When the chicken lay the eggs in a soft resting place. The chicken will lay the eggs and the farmer get it from a hen's house

Do male brids lay eggs?

Male birds do not lay eggs

Can male cockatoos lay eggs?

do male cockatoos lay eggs

Do pheasant need to be mated with to lay eggs?

Yes. Any Animal Needs To Be Mated with, to either give birth or lay eggs.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improvement: other then the chicken which doesn't need a male to lay eggs

Do you have 2 have a male chicken to lay eggs?

No, if you just want eggs to eat you do not need a rooster. If you want to hatch chicks, you would require a male.

Is a male chicken required for hens to lay?

No. A hen will lay eggs regardless of a male partner as long as she is kept comfortable and happy. A male is needed if you plan on breeding more chickens though as he is needed to fertilize the eggs.

Why do male turtles lay eggs?

Yes, male turtles do lay eggs

What is the difference between rooster and hen?

Rooster is name for a male chicken. Hen is a female chicken. Roosters do not lay eggs.

Do you need a cockrel for hens to lay eggs?

No, a hen does not need a cockeral (young male chicken) or rooster present to lay eggs. However, to lay fertilized eggs that can be hatched,a hen does need to be mated by the rooster.

Do guinea hens need a male to lay eggs?

No. guineas will lay unfertilized just like a chicken but if u want chicks they obviously will require a male

Does the male emu lay eggs?

There is no species of bird in which the male lays the eggs. Male emus do not lay the eggs, but they do incubate them.