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I believe the vinegar make the skittles color disappear into the vinegar.

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Q: Will a skittle melt faster in room tempatured water or vinegar?
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Which dissolves Skittles faster water or vinegar?

Skittles melt faster in vinegar because the vinegar is more tangy and it takes the wax of the s on the skittles off very fast. Water would be second and hand sanitizer is third because its a gel and it holds the color in.

Which liquid will evaporate faster water or vinegar?

Vinegar, it's less dense. Vinegar, it's less dense.

Will rocks breakdown faster in vinegar or water?

vinegar... it is an acid

Does alka seltezer react to water or vinegar faster?


What melts faster ice on vinegar or in water?


What grows faster a bean plant feed vinegar or water?

The vinegar is going to make it grow faster

Does vinegar freeze faster than saltwater?

Hot water will freeze faster than vinegar because the hot water atoms will slow quickly and the vinegar will take longer to freeze because it contains an oil like sustance which take lionger to freeze.

What type of water do eggs sink faster in?

Vinegar water.

Why does water evaporate faster than vinegar?

Vinegar evaporates quicker then water because the acid inside of vinegar causes the sun to make the molecules inside the vinegar to boil faster then the water so then the molecules inside the vinegar will break apart faster until the vinegar is completely gone Acetic acid enthalpy of vaporization is lower compared to the same property of water.

Why does Skittles dissolve faster in water than bleach?

becasue water has no added sugar, carbs, sodium etc. so it absorbs what is in the skittle which helps it break down faster.

Does iron rust faster in vinegar saltwater or freshwater?

Zinc will corrode in vinegar faster than salt water

How would apples rot faster in vinegar salt water air or in oil?