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Yes it will but the video card will run at PCI express 1.0 speed.

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Will a PCI Express video card work on an agp motherboard that has PCI slot?

no. only on a pcie slot. buy a mainboard with such

Will an 8x AGP video card work in PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot?


Can a PCI Express x16 card work in a PCI Express 2.0 slot?

Yes, it will work perfectly

Will an agp 8x video card work in a agp pro slot?

Yes, an 8x AGP card will work in an AGP Pro slot.

Will a PCI Express video card work in a 4x AGP slot?

No. They are totally different on an electrical, physical, and protocol level. Attempting to insert a PCI-E card into an AGP slot, or vice versa, will likely damage both the motherboard and the card.

Should a 8x agp card work in a pci express 16x slot?

No, completely differenet type of slot.

Will a standard pci card fit a pci express x16 slot?

You may manage to insert it into the slot, but the card will not work, and both the card and the motherboard may suffer damage.

Will a PCI Express graphics card work in a PCI-X slot?

NO. If you have a pci-x slot, probably it is a server, and you want to upgrade your graphics card, you can buy a PCI card and plug it into your PCI-X slot. It should work probably.

Will a PCI Express x1 WiFi card work on a motherboard that has a PCI Express x16 slot?

I believe so. I am researching that atm. I found that if you have an older sli mobo, and you use only one pcie video card, then the mobo might just turn off the 2nd pcie slot. But say you have onboard video and you need to use the 1 pcie slot for like a controller card, or NIC. I have a server with a pcie x16 slot. I am about to put a x1 sata controller in there. So wish me luck!

Will a 8x AGP video card work in an 1x AGP slot?

It depends on the card. If the card is keyed for only 1.5v operation, the card will not fit and will not work in a 1x slot. If the card is keyed to both 1.5v and 3.3v operation, it should work.

What makes a video card compatible with the motherboard?

The slot which the video card needs to work. The slot is usually either an AGP slot (which is currently outdated), or the more recent PCI-E slot, which all new graphics cards nowadays use.

Will a 4x AGP video card work in a 8x AGP slot?

Yes the 8X AGP slot is Backwards compatible with the 4X AGP Card

Do both video card need power supply?

If the video card(s) in question has/have a power slot on them (might be a 4 or 6 pin slot) they MUST have power. Reason being, the power going to the video card power key components for the video card which without, will not work at all.

Will pci express x 1 work in a x16 slot?

it will work in pci express 1.0 slot

Will a graphics card with a pci express 2.0 x 16 interface work in a pci express x16 expansion slot?


Can a 256mb 128 bit PCI video card work in a 32 bit slot?


What is the difference between pci express 2x16 and pci express x16?

PCI Express 2.0 is used by new generation of video cards (some difference in power and I guess system instructions). PCI Express video card can work with PCI Express 2.0 port. But PCI Express 2.0 card cannot work in PCI Express port.

Will an 8x agp video card work in a 2x slot?

Yes, However it just won't work at full speed.

Why is it necessary to match your AGP video card to your motherboard AGP slot?

it wont work with out the right one

Would the Asus Geforce Gtx680 4gb ddr5 pci-e video card work on a toshiba satellite l750 And what PCI express does it have?

The short answer is no. The computer you're mentioning is a laptop. The card you mention is a desktop video card. There is no expansion slot for the laptop you mention for a video card like the one you asked about.Now there *are* some laptops that do have the ability to replace and/or upgrade your video card. The Toshiba you mentioned is not one of them. It's video card is built right into the logic board itself.

Will a PCI Express x16 graphic card work on a motherboard that has PCI Express x1?

A PCI Express x16 graphics card must go in a x16 PCI Express slot. An x16 slot is much bigger that x1 slot. PCI Express x16 graphics card can be installed into x1, x4 or x8 PCI-E slot phisically only if that slot is opened on the side, opposite to where the VGA monitor connector(s) is(are) on the card. This way, the graphics card will be forced to use the maximum speed, the PCI_E slot can provide - x1, x4 or x8. However - this is dependent on the ability of the graphics card to reduce it's speed according to the slot's speed and the ability of the MotherBoard to support such card. Example: ATI x1550 PCI-E VGA card is tested on system Dell Optiplex GX 520, which has only PCI-E x1 slot. Result is that the VGA card starts Windows XP Pro in Safe Mode, but is not able to run at normal boot.

Will a PCI x16 graphics card work in a normal PCI slot?

A PCIe x16 graphics card will not work in a normal PCI slot. PCIe or PCI Express is a new standard in expansion interfaces. PCIe is physically and electronically incompatible with PCI slots.

How do you fix and video card that is on a motherboard but my PC wont turn on?

You can disable the onboard video, and install a new video card into a pci slot. It should work fine. Good luck. but my PC doesnt turn on?

Can you replace ddr2 graphic card with ddr3 graphic card?

Yes. The video on the memory card is not dependent on the the system memory. As long as you have an expansion slot for the new card to go in, it will work.

Will an agp 4x video card work on a motherboard with an agp 8x slot even though the 8x slot is much larger the card is a ati all in wonder 9000 pro the board is an asus a7n8x-e.?

No it won't work!

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