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Yes, this card will play doom3 and performance will be good for a mid range card.


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With a Radeon HD 7540D, it is unlikely that you will be able to run Battlefield 4. Your CPU would be able to handle it, but that graphics card will bottleneck your processor. You would need to switch graphics cards to play. A good card would be the Radeon HD 6790.

Go to the media option if your mobile phone is blackberry 9550 and then press options and then it's going to come receive text. Click on it. Then from blackberry 8520 click send from the blue tooth option. Then u will get it. Or note down the number at your blackberry 9550 that's the simple thing. First think that is my question good or bad. lololololol!

ATI Radeon 4800 series (4830, 4850, 4870, and 4890) are known for the newest and the best gaming gpu available, today ATI Radeon 4890 and Nvidia geForce 295 are the best gaming gpu available.

Is the Radeon hd 3870 a 1GB Check this one out ATI Radeon HD 4650 Which is 1GB has a DirectX 10.1 Support, 320 stream processing units and AGP 8x This card works good with my Intel P4 3.20GHz But on better CPU works Perfect.

i have to give it to doc doom. batman is pretty good but props to doom the guy who can take on the fantastic 4 on a regular basis

CrossfireX (double) the ATI Radeon 5870 or the Nvidia 295

Yes it is i have it but it is not that good.

Its ok, nut i would reccommend a 7770 or at least a 4350.

Ya actually I know one that's like, "Boom, boom, ba doom doom bum." It's pretty good. I made it myself.

No, the graphics were good for its year in gaming, good story and awesome weaponry.

The ATI Radeon 7200 is a older video card and such doesn't have the newer features of the Mobility. If your looking for a good but not too expensive video card and think that the Mobility is too pricey, has a great selection and the ship within 3-5 business days.

Not so good, actually ALL the display card in notebook cannot compete with that in the destop.

ya it runs it perfectly on my comp and i have the same graphics card :)

Radeon 3850 would be great with Second Life or try the 4670.

yes it can very good good good and more good am playing the Sims 3 on the alien ware m17x and it is wonderful.

Its fps is at about 60fps with lowest config, so, yes.

No, any integrated graphics card will not be the best for gaming sorry

a doom card is placed on the field and goes into the ground if you were masquerade team mate, then if the good guys ball gets killed its in the doom dimension the doom dimension is masquerades base. But when masquerade wins the battle, your bakugan gets sent to the doom dimension. And it will never come back. But on the live game, if your opponent loses, that bakugan is out of the game. If there is any questions, contact me at

The 9800 is a well known and very popular video card. It is very good and if you want some good info on it, look it up on

Any game besides Doom or BioShock or wetev

Very few if any PCI cards are suited for today's gaming requirements, but an Visiontek Radeon X1550 might be able to play some games at medium settings.

The Radeon 9800 was the best you could get a couple of years ago, and is still worth checking out now.

Doom (the originals) and wolfenstien 3d, or Noahs Ark 3d

ultra destuction dragon of doom ( i know the name sucks but its a good game)

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