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yes provided ur motherboard supports it. logicwonder

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Q: Will an Intel Pentium III computer support 512 MB of SDRAM?
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What type of memory does an Intel Pentium 4 motherboard support?

Depending on its age, either SDR SDRAM, DDR, or DDR2 RAM.

What type of memory can you use for an Intel Pentium III?

Virtually all Pentium III systems used either PC100 or PC133 SDRAM.

Can you use DDR2-SDRAM on your Pentium III which supports only SDRAM?


What type of RAM would a computer with an Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz processor have?

Motherboards of that era would have had a either a combination of the older SDR SDRAM (PC100 or PC133 RAM) and DDR SDRAM, or just DDR SDRAM.For best performance, you would want to use the DDR slots.

Are SDR SDRAM modules still available for Intel Pentium III PCs?

Yes. You can still find them on eBay, and in limited quantities from some online retailers.

Is SDRAM compatible with a Pentium 4 motherboard?

Yes it seems that the older p4 mother boards came with the SDRAM slot. But the newer ones don't seem to come with the SDRAM slot, they have ddr slots now.

What is the actual term for computer memory sdram?

The actual term for computer memory SDRAM is Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. You can learn more about SDRAM online at the Wikipedia website.

What are the reasons behind the fact that RIMMs are quickly becoming a legacy memory?

When Intel was developing the Pentium 4, they knew that regular SDRAM just wasn't going to be fast enough to handle the quad-pumped 400MHz frontside bus. Intel announced plans to replace SDRAM with a very fast,new type of RAM developed by RAMBUS, Inc. called Rambus Dram, or simply RDRAM. Intel thought it would be the next great leap in DRAM technology, RDRAM could handle speeds up to 800MHz, which gave Intel of room to improve the Pentium 4. RDRAM was greatly anticipated, but industry support RDRAM proved less than enthusiastic due to significant delays in development, plus a price many times that of SDRAM. At first all major PC makers sold systems that used RDRAM-for a while. RAMBUS ran into three roadblocks that betamaxed it(made it obsolete because no one bought it). First, the technology was solely owned by RAMBUS, if you wanted to make it you had to pay a licensing fees they charged. Secondly it was too expensive, it cost substantially more than SDRAM. Finally, RAMBUS and Intel made a completely closed deal for the technology. RDRAM worked only on Pentium 4 systems using Intel-made Memory Controller Chips. AMD was out of luck. So the rest of the industry had to look for a another high speed resolution. So then DDR came along and now there is DDR2 and DDR3 which is cheaper.

My computer specs say DDR SDRAM will it be able to support DDR as well or just DDR SDRAM?

The term DDR SDRAM refers to the phrase "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory". DDR SDRAM is simply a faster version of SDRAM in which data travels at a double rate. If your computer specs say that it uses DDR SDRAM it can take DDR SDRAM, but not SDRAM. DDR is 184 pins and has a notch in the bottom near the center and you will be unable to put DDR in an SDRAM mother board and also unable to put SDRAM in a DDR motherboard. Recently a new type of RAM has been introduced to market called DDR2. DDR2 is its own type and will not fit into a DDR motherboard. Hope this helps. Peace.

Will installing ddr sdram speed up my computer?

Installing DDR SDRAM on your computer will actually make your computer run faster,and will make it easier to run multiple applications at once.

What is the maximum amount of RAM supported by an Intel D845GLLY motherboard?

The Intel D845GLLY motherboard supports a maximum of 2GB of PC133 SDRAM, using two 1 GB modules.

If a motherboard can support sdram or edo which would result in better performance?

If you had to choose one then you would chooes SDRAM. it is faster than EDO

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