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Yes it seems that the older p4 mother boards came with the SDRAM slot. But the newer ones don't seem to come with the SDRAM slot, they have ddr slots now.

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Q: Is SDRAM compatible with a Pentium 4 motherboard?
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Can you upgrade from an Intel Pentium III to an Intel Pentium 4?

No, you cant upgrade Pentium 3 to Pentium 4 cause the Pentium 4 motherboard is not compatible to any Pentium 3 motherboard. The things you can upgrade in your Pentium 3 computer to become fast as Pentium 4 is the memory and harddrive.

Is DDR2 RAM be compatible with a Pentium 4 motherboard?

I think, there is an available mother board for Pentium 4 with ddr2 slot.

What type of memory does an Intel Pentium 4 motherboard support?

Depending on its age, either SDR SDRAM, DDR, or DDR2 RAM.

What is minimum requirements of running Pentium 4 processor?

A Pentium 4 processor, and a motherboard that supports it.

Can you install an Intel Pentium 4 on an Intel Pentium III motherboard?

No, you cannot.

Are Pentium 4 class CPU interchangeable on the same motherboard?

Not necessarily. There have been three different sockets used for Pentium 4 processors (Socket 423, Socket 478, and LGA775). They are not interchangeable without special adapters. Even when pin-compatible, motherboard updates may be necessary for the processors to actually work.

Will an Intel Pentium 4 processor fit on an Intel Pentium III motherboard?

No! Pentium 4 processor has a different pin configuration than the Pentium 3 and it uses a different memory modules.

Which type of motherboard socket is used for a Pentium 4 CPU?


What motherboards are compatible with DDR3 RAM and Pentium 4 processor?

socket l775 its compatible with it

Does an Intel Pentium 4 processor that is ATAT compatible support SSE2?

All Pentium 4 processors support SSE2.

Is ati radeon hd5450 compatible with Pentium 4?

yes it is

Can you use 1 GB of RAM with an Intel Pentium 4?

Yes, depending on the motherboard. Most Pentium 4 chipsets support up to 4 GB of RAM, although the motherboard may not physically support enough RAM modules.

Will a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 work on a motherboard with an 865 chipset?


Motherboard socket type is used on the Pentium 4 chip?

Socket 478

How do you upgrade from an Intel Pentium II to an Intel Pentium 4?

That would require purchasing a new motherboard, processor, and power supply.

Can your Intel Celeron processor be changed for an Intel Pentium III processor?

That really depends on if your motherboard and BIOS are compatible. No Pentium III processor uses a 66 MHz FSB, so if your board only supports 66 MHz, you are stuck with a cruddy Mendocino core Celeron. Celeron is also a common name for other stripped-down versions of comparable Pentiums, such as the Pentium 4. To replace these, you would need a Pentium 4, not a Pentium III.

Can an Intel Pentium III processor be upgraded to an Intel Pentium 4?

If you are referring to your motherboard with Pentium III in it and you want to upgrade your processor only with Pentium IV then NO! P4 requires a different processor socket therefore a different motherboard as well as a different memory modules. You can upgrade, YES, if you change these three; motherboard, Processor and memory, which is of course pretty much the whole CPU.

How much RAM can an Intel Pentium MMX CPU support?

The Intel Pentium MMX has a theoretical maximum of 4 GB of RAM. Realistically, no Pentium motherboard is going to support that much.

Is ddr3 ram compatible with Pentium 4?

It depends on the NorthBridge of the motherboard and the socket of the P4. Most intel-processor supported DDR3 Motherboard should be able to run a pentium, but remember that Pentium4 are very slow and DDR3 is still very immature. I recommend you to rather spend more money upgrading your CPU AND MOBO, rather than moving directly to DDR3.

Is 15 Model Stepping 9 GenuineIntel 1992Mhz compatible with Intel Pentium 4 processor?

All members of the "Model 15" family are Pentium 4s or based on a Pentium 4 core, so yes.

Can you change the processor in an IBM Thinkpad A30 from an Intel Pentium III to an Intel Pentium 4?

No, the Pentium 3 and Pentium 4 are not only samples of 2 completely different architectures, but also use a different socket so a change between the 2 on the same motherboard is impossible.

What type of memory modules will you need for the motherboard that has an LGA775 socket for an Intel Pentium 4 processor?


How do you upgrade a Pentium 2 computer to Pentium 4?

You will at least need a new motherboard. The rest of the hardware in the Pentium II is probably so old that I would buy a new computer instead which has all new hardware.

Is a ATI Radeon HD compatible with Intel Pentium 4?

There is no reason why the combination will not work, as there is nothing preventing an Intel processor malfunctioning with a ATI graphics card or vice versa. Just be careful that both components can fit on the motherboard.

Is asrock 775i65G compatible with Intel Pentium e5500?

According to the manufacturers website the 775i65G is compatible with: Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme / Core™ 2 Duo / Pentium® XE / Pentium® D / Pentium® 4 / Celeron® D, supporting Quad Core Kentsfield processors