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Sure, a few eighth graders asked me out when I was in seventh grade

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Q: Will an eighth grade boy ask you out if im in seventh grade?
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Can a seventh grade boy love an eighth grade boy?

Yes, neither gender nor age effects "love"

How to get an eighth grade boy to ask you out?

You can ask one of your friends to go and start a random convo and then they can ask the person if they like you

How can you a seventh grade girl tell if a eighth grade boy likes you?

Well, the 7th grade girl should have connections with a group close to that 8th grade boy. If not, make him notice you! Do something spectacular, and start flirting with him.

What if you like a boy and he seems to like you but he is in eighth grade and you are in seventh grade Should you tell him you like him?

go for it and tell him. one year isn't too far apart.

How can seventh grade boy dance with a seventh grade girl?

take dance lessons

Is it normal for a 5th grade girl to like a 6th grade boy?

Oh, yes. In fact, when I was in sixth grade, I had a huge crush on an eighth grader. I'm in seventh now, and my bff has a crush on an eighth grader (who likes her back, we think :D!!!!!!!!!)

What is a good halloween costume for an eighth grade boy?

An eighth grade girl. Especially if your school has a uniform!

How do you make a eighth grade girl like a eighth grade boy?

Be sweet to her and never give up.

How do you annoy a seventh grade boy?

Call him a little boy.

Is it okay for a 4th grade girl to love a eighth grade boy?

depends on what the 8th grade boy looks like!

How can a seventh grade girl impress a seventh grade boy?

well im seventh grade boy and what a guy my age usally likes is for the girl to just talk to him a little bit and ask if he wants to be friends. do friend stuff for a month or 2 and then if he still hasn't asked you out just ask him hell be impressed with how bold you were and say yes then again all guys in the 7 th grade are desperate no matter how popular they are!

How do you get a seventh grade boy to ask you out?

Simple! You walk up to this boy and express your feelings to him. I am sure you are a beautiful young girl. If he has a heart, he will tell you how he feels.

If you are in 7th grade would you get one of your best friends to ask out a boy you really like?

not a good idea. i just left seventh grade and I'm going into eighth. ..It makes the guy think your too shy or embarrassed to ask him yourself. And most likely he will reject you. sme with going into the eighth grade too, and its best you ask him out urself or let him come to you. if you do...try to give off hints tht u like him, trust me he will figure it guy just did;)

How do you kiss a boy in eighth grade?

you lean forward to his lips

Does a seventh grade boy and a eighth grade girl have the same emotions?

In some ways yes , boys and girls are not completely different , they actually do have alot of the same feelings and emotions. They just handle it differently from the other.

Is it weird if a boy in eighth grade goes out with a girl in seventh grade and he knows her brother whos in ninth grade but isn't really friends with him?

Not in my opinion. I believe that you should date whoever you want to, regardless of what relatives of theirs (or yours!) think.

How do you get a boy to like you in seventh grade?

be yourself! look pretty!

Who is the tallest boy in seventh grade?

No one really knows....

How do you make a seventh grade boy jealous?

You are wierd and dumb

How do you get a boy to ask you out in seventh grade?

Tell him that you like him. If you're friends, it might make things a bit awkward if he doesn't ask you out right away. Try to talk to him about it.

How do you get an eighth grade girl to like you when you are a sixth grade boy?

there is only one answer is to be her best friend and she will like you

How do you get an eighth grade boy to like you?

If i were you i would be his friend and learn about what he likes and see if you have anything in common if you do take it slow and ask him out if he hasn't asked you yet!!

How does a seventh grade boy ask out an eighth grade girl?

If you really like her or him just talk to her like when you tell her that shes pretty and tell her that she has nice hair and that you dont like being away from her and that u cant wait till you see her again then just ask her and if she says no just do it all over again and dont do what you did the last time to make him/her mad.

How do you get a seventh grade boy to ask a sixth grade girl out?

Well honestly been there done that. Just act casual around him. show him your the perfect girl friend. Then make your move.

How do you get a fifth grade boy to ask a fifth grade girl?

get them to become friends then after a will like 6th grade ask her out