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The cardiovascular excercise of biking will reduce the fat on your arms (and the rest of your body) but mainly strengthen your legs.

2008-08-15 07:16:54
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What regulates the cpu machine cycle?

the clock oscillator and machine cycle state machine, it may take multiple clock cycles per machine cycle.

How can you reduce sleeping?

Caffiene ...... Also moderate eating cycle and plenty of exercise may help keep the mind and body for becoming lazy

Can exercise make your menstrual cycle lighter?

Exercise can make your menstrual cycle lighter. You will have to engage in regular exercise for this to happen. Exercise can also help with cramping.

What is the difference between instruction cycle and machine cycle?

an instruction cycle may consist of a number of machine cycles.

Machine cycle in 8085 microprocessor?

There are following machine cycles of Intel 8085:Input-Output (I/O) Read Machine Cycle:The I/O Read Machine cycle is executed by the microprocessor to read a data from an input device. It consists of 3T states. The IN Instruction uses this machine cycle during the execution. Input - Output (I/O) Write Machine CycleThe I/O write machine cycle is executed by the microprocessor to write a data byte from an output device. It consists of 3T states. The instruction, which sends the data to the output device, comes under this machine cycle. Instruction cycle is defined, as the time required completing the execution of an instruction.An Instruction Cycle will have one to six machine cycles.

Should you exercise during your menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, if you're a healthy fertile female then you will always be within your menstrual cycle - I think that you mean during menstruation. Yes you should exercise during menstruation if you feel up to it as exercise is good for you.

What are 4 lifestyle changes you could make to reduce your impact on the carbon cycle?

4 Lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your impact on the carbon cycle is reduce, reuse, recycle, and produce.

How to shorten your menstrual cycle?

exercise for hours.

Could a machine cycle contain more than one execution cycle?

No. Its the other way around. An execution cycle contains 4 or more machine cycles. Always.

Define t-state in machine cycle and instruction cycle?


Machine cycle time measured in?


Is the machine cycle same as the CPU?


What is machine cycle in 8086 mp?


Is it a 2 cycle or 4?

Depends on what the machine is.

Why DAD instruction in 8085 used three machine cycle?

1 machine cycle for opcode fetch 2nd n 3rd are idle machine cycles as microprocessor is 8 bit therefore it cant perform 16 bit additon in one cycle !!

Erosion can influence and reduce the effectiveness of?

The water cycle.

How do cyclists reduce friction in the velodrome?

by bending cycle

What type of cycle does an airplane have?

I think it's Air cycle machine... ..correct me if I'm wrong...

In case of injection molding process reduction of cycle time is depend on mold or machine?


Does exercise affect your menstrual cycle?

Yes, starting a new exercise routine can delay or make it come early.

Is it ok to exercise on your menstrual cycle?

The term 'menstrual cycle' refers to your entire reproductive cycle - unless you suppress your cycles, get pregnant, go through menopause, or have a hysterectomy then you will always be experiencing your menstrual cycle. You can exercise whenever you want during your menstrual cycle.

How do you cheat in slots machine in a casino?

You can't cheat the machine, you have to understand its programming and its cycle, but you can't 'cheat' it.

What are two ways that humans can reduce their impact on the carbon cycle?

Reduce the amount of electricity we use at home.Reduce the amount of oil we use in transport and driving.

Is it OK to switch off your washing machine in the middle of its cycle?

Yes, it's fine. Switching off the washing machine in the middle of its cycle is OK. Restarting the cycle would depend on the function (rinse, wash, spin, etc.) and how early into the cycle you switched it off. If you stop the wash or spin cycle to add more clothes or rearrange because of unbalance of the load, it may be wise to start the cycle again. Check that the machine has drained before opening the door.

How do you speed up menstrual cycle?

Exercise and eat fruits and vegetables.