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They don't think so, but it will be very close in 2029. There is more concern about the next time it comes by, but that's really not that far off, it will be in 2036.


When Apophis comes close to Earth (and it will be VERY close on an astronomical scale - below the altitude of geosynchronous satellites!) on Friday, April 13, 2029, it WILL MISS. However, we cannot accurately predict PRECISELY how close it will come, and how the orbit of Apophis will be altered by the Earth's gravity.

And when Apophis returns to near-Earth space, on Friday, April 13, 3036, there is a very small chance that it will strike the Earth. However, during the close pass in 2029, we will plant telemetry sensors and radar reflectors which will enable us to track it with perfect accuracy. And if we're smart - and nobody ever accused NASA of being smart! - we will also plant two very large nuclear weapons on Apophis.

Then, several months later, when we've had time to calculate its orbit to see exactly where it will be in 2036, we can determine whether one or both of the weapons should be detonated to nudge Apophis into a safer orbit. And if it turns out that Apophis is not going to hit the Earth in 2036, then we can ignore them and watch the pretty asteroid scoot by. And in 2050 or so, we ought to be able to capture the asteroid and move it into a parking orbit, perhaps in the L4 or L5 points on the Moon's orbit.

Just think; if this all works out, your grandchildren may live in the Apophis Station!

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Will the meteor apophis strike earth ever?

there is 1 in 45,000 chance that in 2029-2036 the apophis will strike and if it does in will hit of the coast of California and there will be huge tsunamis

How many life species will died out when if apophis hit the earth in 2029 or 2036?

about 60 or 70% of life species plus humans will died out when if the asteroid apophis when if hit the earth that asteroid is size of manhattan same size which killed off the dinosaurs

Which asteroid will cross the earth in 2036?

Apophis will pass the earth in 2036 at a distance of 6000 km. It is said that it may hit the earth.

Is it true that an asteroid will hit earth at 2036?

No. There was some concern that the asteroid Apophis might hit earth in 2036, but new measurements of the trajectory recently ruled that out.

Will the asteroid apophis hit earth?

The asteroid Apophis will come very close to the Earth - about 14,000 miles - on Friday, April 13, 2029. It will miss. The gravitational interaction between the Earth, the Moon and Apophis cannot be precisely determined at this time; depending on the EXACT orientation and alignment, there is a very small chance that Apophis will hit the Earth on Friday, April 13, 2036. However, we ought to be able to determine during the 2029 pass if the Earth will be in any danger in 2036, and this will give us seven years to move or destroy the asteroid should it pose any threat to Earth.

When will there be another asteroid impact?

An asteroid called apophis has a very high chance to hit the Earth in 2036.

What will cause the end of the world?

there are a lot of possibilities in how the world will end but most people think that the asteroid 99942 apophis will hit earth in 2036

Imagine that Apophis would hit the earth in 2036 what would happen to those living in Britain if it did hit the earth?

They would die just like everybody else. depends on how hard the force hits the Earth and where the location is. It could possibly split the whole Earth on half.

When will apophis hit earth?

The asteroid 99942 Apophis was set for a possible future impact on April 13, 2036.However, this data was based on predictions that it would collide with Earth in 2004 and then predictions placed the date as 2029. Further observational data discounted this, and the 2036 date was set.The chances that the asteroid will strike the Earth is put as 1:250,000

Is apophis asteroid bigger than earth?

No, not even close. It it were bigger than Earth, then it would be a planet, not an asteroid. Apophis is a little over 1,000 feet across or about as wide as a skyscraper is tall.

What would happen if apophis collided with earth?

thousand of nuclear bomb hiiting earth we feel that

What is the meaning of the name apophis?

(mythology) The Greek name for the Egyptian mythological figure. The Egyptian name is w:Apep, Apep.(astronomy) A near-earth asteroid designated with the permanent number 99942. There is a Wikipedia article on W:99942 Apophis, 99942 Apophis.

Will an asteroid hit the earth in 2035?

Probably not. At one point scientists through that the asteroid Apophis might hit Earth in 2036, but that possibility has been largely ruled out now that we have a more accurate projection of its orbit. No known asteroids have a significant chance of hitting Earth in the next 100 years.

Asteroid headed towards U.S.?

There is one known asteroid which has some slight probability of colliding with the Earth. (There are no doubt many things on a collision course with Earth of which we are blissfully unaware.) This asteroid is called Apophis. It is a space rock which will pass close to Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029. Apophis will not hit the Earth on that pass, but the worry is that there will be some gravitational perturbation that might cause Apophis to come closer than expected on Friday, April 13, 2037. Current calculations indicate that the chance of a collision is about one chance in 40,000. There are other rocks in space that will occasionally come close. Someday, one of them will hit us. We don't know when.

Will asteroid apophis wipe out humanity?

No, Apophis will not strike the earth in 2029 or 2036.

Is apophis a planet?

No. Apophis is an asteroid about the size of a skyscraper.

What is the probability the asteroid 99942 Apophis will strike earth?

The answer to this can be found in the links I will place below.

When will earth be hit by an asteroid?

Astronomers say on April 14, 2029, a giant asteroid named Apophis will come really close to Earth, closer than the moon. On April 14, 2036, Apophis will make another close approach and possibly hit Earth. In 2029, if Apophis enters a thing called a keyhole, it will probably most definitely hit Earth in 2036. There are a couple theories that will try to stop it. One theory is we could send a few nuclear missiles and break it down to pieces and let it fall back to Earth. The second theory is we could send out a giant ball and knock it out of the way but it will maybe go through the keyhole again. The third theory is we could send a giant ship with a lot of gravity and tow it out of the way.No need to be scared if I were you because it has a 1 in 37 chance

What will happen in 2029?

99942 Apophis is a 270m diameter near Earth asteroid that was thought to be on a collision course with Earth. It caused a panic in 2004 as it was thought that it might hit the earth in 2029. New calculations estimate that the asteroid will now most likely miss.

Will Eris end up near The Earth When And What will be the effects?

NO! It is always further away from the Sun than Neptune which is 30 further from the Sun than Earth and minor planet Apophis. Apophis will come very close to Earth, but it is just 270 m in diameter... If it impacts Earth it causes just a tsunami if it hits the sea.

Is the meteor apophis blue?

First, Apophis as an asteroid, not a meteor. A meteor is an object that has entered the atmosphere. Apophis is probably gray in color.

Will an asteroid hit sydney in the year 2029?

Chances are, no. There was some concern in 2004 that the asteroid Apophis might hit earth in 2029, but it is now known that the object will narrowly miss earth, though there is still some uncertainty of a few thousand miles as to how close it will come. There is still a very slight chance that it could hit earth in 2036.Even if we did predict that an asteroid would hit earth, we could not predict the path so precisely as to whether it would hit a particular city.

Is a meteor going to hit earth in 2012?

The earth is struck by space rocks all the time. The year 2012 will be no exception. As regards Apophis (99942 Apophis), it will not strike the earth or the moon upon its return in 2012. Apophis is a large, near-earth object (NEO), and not only will it not hit earth in 2012, it will miss the gravitational keyhole that could cause it to be a threat in 2029 and in 2036 and 2037. But there is no rule or law that says some other big rock won't appear out of the blue (out of the black, actually) and catch our attention. And after we track it for a few weeks or months, we may find earth has a date with it. Then all bets are off.There is no astrological evidence that indicates a meteor will be anywhere near the Earth at that time. There will, however, be one in a decade or so later which will get close enough to the Earth to pass beneath our satellites.Wikipedia has some relevant information, and links are provided, further down this page, under Sources and Related Links.

What is the name of the asteroid that will be near earth in 2029?

99942 Apophis is an asteroid where initial observations indicated a small probability (up to 2.7%) that it would strike the Earth in 2029.Later observations concluded that the asteroid would miss the Earth.The chances are now set at a one in 3 million that it will hit Earth.

How will Apophis affect Britain in 2036?

The asteroid Apophis, named for the villain in the Star Gate: SG1 TV series, will make close approaches to Earth on Friday, April 13th, 2029 (Get it? Friday the 13th?) and again in 2036. It is very unlikely to affect the Earth directly, but is likely to cause a lot of needless panic in the months preceding its closest approach. NASA has calculated that Apophis has a 1-in-45,000 chance of actually striking the Earth in 2036, but it will miss completely in 2029.

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