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Q: Will baby snapping turtles die in fast moving water lakes ocean?
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Are there turtles in the Mississippi river?

No there are not any turtles in the Mississippi River because there habbitats are usually in the ocean or lakes.

Where do trutles live?

turtles can live on land and in the ocean or in lakes or ponds depending on what type of turtle it is

What is the habitat of turtles?

lakes, rivers, shallow parts of ocean and other waters that do not touch the Arctic.

Do sea turtles live in the middle of the ocean?

Most of them do. Some are in lakes. Some are near the beach.

Where is a turtles habitat?

They are found in lakes, rivers, shallow parts of the ocean and sometimes just washed up on the beach.

What kind of water do turtles live in?

This depends on the type of turtle. Like fish, turtles can live in both salt and fresh water. Some turtles live in the ocean and some live on land and in lakes.

How many Turtles are in the Pacific Ocean?

There are no turtles in the Pacific ocean

What do you call it When lakes are not connected to an ocean?

What is it called when lakes are not connected to an ocean

How does a snapping turtle make its home and where?

a snapping turtle makes its home by trying to explore new places and where it used to live before they have to find the difference on which is better old home or new home. A snapping turtle makes it home in a ocean or in a pond. In a ocean there are a lot of animals that the snapping turtle eats. and in the pond there are all different animals that you might have and the snapping turtle might have the pond to itself. Also it can make its home with other animals in the pond in one of the snapping turtles one and only part of the pond with all of the other animals. I hope you enjoyed learning about how a snapping turtle makes it home and where?

How does the sea turtle move in the ocean?

Sea turtles move through the ocean by moving their flippers up and down (similar, in a way, to a bird flapping its wings).

What ocean do hawksbill turtles live in?

Hawksbill Sea Turtles live in the Atlantic Ocean

How are sea turtles differ from turtles?

Sea turtles are simply turtles that lives in the ocean.

What agent of erosion most likely formed the drumlins and finger lakes in New York State?

moving ice

What do megalondon eat?

megalondon's eat anything in the ocean that can fit into there or that they can see moving for example: whales any species of fish turtles

Where do you turtles?

In the ocean or river.

What are the 4 places water collects?

rivers lakes ocean glaciers

When was Ocean Lakes High School created?

Ocean Lakes High School was created in 1994.

Where does a water turtle live?

There are two types of turtles: Freshwater turtles and sea turtles. All freshwater turtles live mostly in water but often climb onto rocks and land to bask in the sun, mate, and lay eggs. Sea turtles don't bask in the sun, but they mate and lay eggs on land. Freshwater turtles live in rivers and lakes, and sea turtles live in the ocean.

Where do turtles go when they are born?

when turtles are just born they go to the ocean.

Why are turtles appearing everywhere?

That travel through the ocean and turtles have babies

What habitat do turtles come from?

the ocean

What do ocean turtles eat?


How do turtles bathe?

They live in the ocean...

Where do most turtles live?

in the ocean

Who eats the turtles in the ocean?

birds do!