Will bees eat dead frogs

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Q: Will bees eat dead frogs
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Related questions

Do frogs eat bees?


Do frogs eat bumble bees?

Yes, they do :)

What do pond frogs eat?

Pond frogs mostly eat insects such as mosquiets flys and bees

Does frogs eat dead frogs?

No, all frogs eat live animals.

What do wood frogs eat?

Small insects such as mosquitos and small flies. Wood frogs eat bugs. Not bees.

Do frogs eat bugs alive or dead?

Frogs eat animals alive.

What eats bees or tries to eat bees?

i forgot < IGNORE THAT ussualy bears or honey badgers will try to eat bees also hornets, frogs

Do bees eat rats when rats are dead?


Do frogs eat dead crickets?


Do frogs eat dead ants?


Will frogs eat dead moths?


What is the similarity of frogs and bees?

Frogs are amphibians, bees are insects - there is no similarity.

What do insects and animals eat?

They eat frogs,dead animals, and plants.

What snacks do the almighty tallest eat?

dead frogs

Do bees eat dead mice?

No, bees are not carnivorous and do not eat meat. They only eat nectar, honey and sugary water. There is a species of predatory wasp that will occasionally try to eat dead animals called Yellow Jacket Wasps. Wasps are not bees.

Do they eat bugs dead or alive?

No frogs eat animals live if they are dead they will not eat it.. The frog will most likely eat flies and ants

Do green tree frogs eat dead crickets?


Does frog eat dead skin?

When frogs shed their skin they usually eat it afterwards.

What do Golden Tree frogs eat?

Golden tree frogs mainly eat crickets, but they can't be dead... they have to be live crickets, otherwise the frog wont eat them.

What animals eats bees?


How frogs helps in your environment?

Frogs eat flies and bad bugs so we wont get sting by bees and other stuff. Frogs help by farting oxygen so we have more oxygen to breathe

What do frogs with short tongue eat?

they feed off of other dead animals

Will frogs eat dead ants?

It depends on the frog and or toad. usually not but they might

Can frogs eat crickets dead?

they can but they just prefer to eat live ones. more fun, i guess :).

What do the ground frogs eat?

ants and dead flies and crickets mainly anything dead or smaller than there mouth