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Not at all. In a urine test, being diabetic may show the presence of sugar or ketones, whilst pregnancy tests look for the presence of a hormone in the urine. Being diabetic does not therefore affect the result of pregnancy tests.

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Q: Will being diabetic affect the result of a pregnancy test?
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Can being a diabetic cause a home pregnancy test to read negative?


Can stopping breastfeeding affect a pregnancy test result?

no it cant breast feeding has nothing to do with the hcg hormone that being pregnant produces in your body.

What environmental factors affect pregnancy?

anything that can affect your body/well being.

what is the best home pregnancy test for earliest result?

the pregnancy test tube being dimped in urine

Should you see a doctor if you have diabetic neuropathy?

Yes, you should immediatly go see a doctor if you have diabetic neuropathy. Not being treated could result in the loss of a limb or the loss your life.

Is it possible to get pregnant with sperm being inside the colon?

No, sperm in the colon will not result in pregnancy. However, the fact that the sperm is there shows close proximity to the areas that do result in pregnancy.

Why would a person go into a diabetic coma?

As a result of insulin levels being too high, and blood sugar levels being too low.

What precaution you have to take before conception as you had gestational diabetic previous pregnancy?

None. Being normal weight helps as usual with diabetes but just because you got it last pregnancy does not mean you will get it now.

Can you die of being a diabetic?

yeah you can

What jobs can diabetics do?

Being a Diabetic myself, I think any job a diabetic wants to.

If a woman has a virus or if she is sick could a pregnancy test be inaccurate?

No, being sick or having a viral illness will not affect the results of a pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

What can affect your pregnancy test?

Pregnancy hormone levels are highest in the morning so taking it later can affect the outcome. Also although fake positives are rare if you had a really early miscarriage you can still get a positive due to the pregnancy hormone still being in your body.

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