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Will cancer ever be cured?


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Yes cancer will be cured but it may take a century's while to find the right periodic to it.


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Incurable cancer is a cancer that can't be cured.

cancer can be cured by having either radiotherapy or lazer treatment

No but apparently he cured cancer.

can colon cancer be cured? WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF COLON CANCER

No, cancer has not been cured yet.

Only early detected cancers can be cured. Advanced cases cannot be cured.

by grabbing it and taking it out

it depends on what stage you are on

Cancer, but it can be treated

We still don't have a cure for cancer. We do have treatments for it though.

Can stage 4 colon cancer be cured if it's already in liver

No, the majority are cured.

cancer is not a funny thing STUPIDMy friend made cancer and also cured it

Dyslexia was never cured just prevented when a child.

Yes, Ananias cured his blindness.

There is no cure for cancer. There are treatments such as medication, radiation, and chemotherapy that may send it into remission.

yes Wayne Dyer had Cancer but was cured by John of God and speaks about it.

Yes, if it is caught in time and has not spread to other organs or the bones. Any cancer can be cured if caught in time. We all have cancer cells in our body, it is whether or not these cells metastasize (spread) that determines our outcome.

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The cancer can maybe controlled with treatment. It may not grow or spread as long as you are getting treatment. But it's still there, it doesn't go away- it's not cured. Chronic cancers can not be cured but some can controlled for months or years by medication . In fact , there is always a chance that cancer will go into remission . You can buy anti cancer medicines from 3Meds (Online Pharmacy in India) at your door step with discounted price.


well no cancer can not be cured by sickle celled anemia because sickle cell is the abnormalty of the shape of the cell.

Lung cancer can last or whole life. I don't know if lung cancer could be cured

It means your cancer is gone but if they say your cancer is still there and it could start its course again.

Cancer is a terrible condition.It bit at him like a cancer.The tropic of cancer is warm.

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