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Q: Will chlorine react with sodium chloride?
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When sodium and chlorine react they form?

Sodium and Chlorine form Sodium Chloride when they react. This is because the cation of sodium is added to the anion of chlorine.

What two things react to make sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is formed by the reaction of sodium (Na) metal with chlorine (Cl) gas.

Does Sodium Chloride react with Oxygen?

there is no reaction because its salt sodium chloride is what you get after the reaction between sodium and chlorine.

What does sodium and chloride make together?

The elements sodium and chlorine react to produce sodium chloride (common table salt).

What can you observe when Sodium and Chlorine react?

Naturally, Sodium is a metal (solid) and chlorine is a gas, so they only react at high temperatures or pressure. When they do react, they form crystals (sodium chloride).

What two elements react to make sodium chloride?

sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl)

What does sodium and chlorine make when they react?

Sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as salt.

Which elements in the periodic table would sodium like to react with to form a new compound helium argon iron chlorine?

sodium will react chlorine to form sodium chloride

What does sodium and chloine make?

The elements sodium and chlorine {note spelling} react to form sodium chloride.

Does sodium and chlorine have the same reactivities?

NO!!! However, if you have a gas jar of chlorine, and place a pellet of sodium in it, they will react to form sodium chloride (salt)

What type of atom is in sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride has two atoms in the formula unit (NaCl): sodium and chlorine.

How do you make sodium chloride from its elements?

The percentage of sodium in sodium chloride is 39,665 83 %. Mass of NaCl = Mass of sodium X 2,51