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water will, the molecules of water are necessary for a plant to do photosynthesis.

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Q: Will coca-cola water or sprite make plants grow faster?
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Would a mint dissolve faster in water or sprite?

Mint dissolves faster in sprite

Can you water plants with sprite?

No you should not water the plants with sprite The answers to your question is in the question itself . just water the plants do not use any substitute for its place. The sprite seems to be clear just like water that's might have made you thought to water plants by it but the sprite has little acidity which is harmful for the plant.

Which soda makes a plant grow faster water or sprite?

water makes a plant grow faster because they where growing befor sprite was envented and water was here

Will water evaporate faster than sprite?

Pure water is evaporated faster.

Why does ice melt faster in water and not in sprite?

Ice melts faster in water

What melt faster water coke or sprite?

Coke and sprite have higher melting points than water.

What freezes faster water or sprite?

probably water

Will hot water evaporate faster than hot sprite?

Type your answer here... hot water will evaporate faster than hot sprite because hot water does not have any menerals in it

Does a penny sink faster in water or sprite?

sprite has sugar so it will take a while for it to sink. the penny will sink faster in water because it doesnt have sugar or anything that soda has

Why does salt dissolve in Sprite faster than it dissolves in tap water?

Because sprite has ingredients

What if Sprite freeze faster than regular water?

I suppose that pure water freeze faster.

Does water evaporate faster than sprite?

Yes because sprite has more ingredients than water which makes it easier to evaporate.

What hard candy dissolves faster in water?

Sprite! [:

Why does water freeze faster then sprite?

Sprite has different ingredients that are more of a non acid thing, like sugar.

Does sprite evaporate faster than plain water?


Why does sprite dissolve an aspirin faster than water?

it doesn't

Why does sugar cubes dissolve faster in water than in sprite?

because the water has no mixture of more then one item , and sprite has carbohydrates that slows it down.

Do plants grow better in sprite or coca cola?

i think sprite will help the plant grow better because it has more water in the ingredients and whats the best for plants of course is water !!

Sprite vs water Which liquid grows plants better?


Which ice cubes melt faster in sprite or water?

Sprite. Bubbles allowing the heat to conduct with the solution more vigoresly.

What is the best type of liquid to grow plants with?

Believe it or not, it's Sprite Zero. I did an experiment to see whether plants grow in water better than Sprite Zero, and the Sprite Zero plants positively flourished! Hope that helps, from PNE.

Do plants grow faster in Gatorade or water?

Plants grow faster in water.

What rusts faster a nail a needle a penny or a paperclip and will it rust faster in water sprite or orange juice faster?

i know for a fact that pennies only tarnish. paper clips usually are painted, and needles do not rust all that easily. nails rust faster. sprite has little caffine, and the orange juice has acid. those are ruled out. water wins. nails rust faster in water.

Which boils faster water or sprite?

Why don't you try it and find out? >:/ Haha, just kidding! Sprite boils faster because it is already broken up due to the carbonation

Will lemonade water or sprite melt the fastest?

Personal observation lemonade will melt faster because of very few ingredients in it than sprite .