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Q: Will copper sulfate water kill pasture grass?
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Is copper sulfate black?

Copper sulfate is not black. Combined with water, as hydrated copper sulfate, it is blue. Without water, as anhydrous copper sulfate, it is white.

Does the mass of water increase when you add copper sulfate?

The mass of water does not increase when copper sulfate is added to the water, unless the copper sulfate is hydrated. The mass of the mixture of water and copper sulfate, of course, does increase.

Which will dissolve faster copper sulfate in hot water Or copper sulfate in cold water?

hot water

When copper sulfate is added to water it form a?

Why does copper sulfate change its colour when water is added

If solid copper sulfate is mixed with water what is formed?

a copper sulfate solution it becomes copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate

How do you conclude of these reactions between copper sulfate and water?

Copper sulfate is soluble in water but doesn't react with water.

What happens when copper sulfate dissolves in cold water?

Nothing spectacular: a water solution of copper sulfate is obtained.

What is the ratio of water to copper sulfate?

The percentage of water in copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate is 36,04 %.

What do you get when you mix water and copper 2 sulfate?

Not much. The Copper (II) sulfate will just dissolve in the water (at about 316g/L of water). Copper (II) sulfate is pretty friendly around water and not all that dangerous. It's used commercially.

What is the pH of copper sulfate?

The pH of a copper sulfate solution depends on its concentration. Typically, a 1% solution of copper sulfate has a pH of around 3-4, making it acidic.

How can you filter water from copper sulfate when copper sulfate decomposes when during heating?

You could place the copper sulfate solution in an evaporation dish and let the water evaporate at room temperature over a period of days.

How do you dissolve copper sulfate and water?

hot water