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Q: Will cramping stop baby from kicking?
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Can you feel a baby kicking?

you can but if you hit your mothers stomach it will stop because you scared it

Why does your baby stop moving or kicking when anyone touchs your stomach?

Stimulation makes them move.Just make sure that your hand is warm.

How do you stop cramping in ribs?

To stop cramping in the ribs it is important to first find out why there is cramping. The ribs are tender and can crack or shift easily. It is best to seek medical help for this reason.

At 5 months ahould your baby be kicking?

At 5 months, you should be able to feel your baby moving, however not neccessarily kicking

How do you know when your baby cries in the womb?

when the baby keeps on kicking

When you have an abortion. do you get the symptoms of the baby kicking you when it comes up to the stage when you would have been six months?

If no baby is there there will be no kicking. If you are unsure iof your abortion was completed talk to your doctor.

What causes backache and cramping in fifth month of pregnancy?

the weight of the baby is straining your back; wear supportive shoes and stand straight. cramping is caused by pressure from the baby. =]

Does thrust at seven months pregnant cause the baby to stop kicking so much?

At this trimester, sex is not usually advised because it can cause premature contraction.

How do you stop someone from kicking over your trash can in Sims 2?

I really don't think that there is anyway to stop someone from kicking ur trash can srry!!

Is it normal for the cramping to stop during early pregnancy?

Yes. Cramping during early pregnancy comes and goes.

What is implanation cramping?

Implantation is where the fertlised egg attaches to the uterus (womb) lining where the cells will rapidly multiply to become a baby. This can sometimes cause mild cramping, and this is what implantation cramping is

Can you hear baby kicking with a stethoscope?


What month does the baby start kicking?


How did Bella hurt when her baby was in her stomach?

Internally from the baby taking her blood and kicking

How do get black widow to stop kicking you on Super Villain Island?

She only stops kicking you when she stops to laugh at you.

Can a infection stop your period and cause cramping?

Yes it can

When does cramping start in case of pregnancy?

it stops when you have gave birth to your child or baby it starts when you are about to have your baby

How do you stop alpacas kicking?

You back away or you can't.

How do you get your horse to stop kicking other horses?

Separate them.

How do you stop your brother from leaving?

By kicking him in the nards (if he has any).

How do you stop a taekwondo girl from kicking you?

Run away

Can a baby survive at 20 weeks of pregnancy?

can a baby survive at 20 weeks? if ur spotting and cramping

Will two mares ever get along that constantly try kicking at one another?

Most times, but not always, the kicking will stop when the pecking order is established when one of the mares dominant over the other and the other recognized the dominance. If the kicking does not stop after two or three weeks then they will have to be separated.

Why do you feel kicking when there is no baby?

You could just be digesting food.

Im 17 wks and you dont feel your baby kicking is something wrong?

This is something to ask your doctor. The only advise I could tell you is that my friend's baby didnt start kicking until the 20th week.