Will crawfish die if they are not in water?

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No, actually they need to get out of water sometimes. BUT, they can only survive out of water for about 10min or less
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What do crawfish eat?

They can eat Gold fish food and other fish when you get one you can keep the water you get them in just add some more clean water they can also eat little food and they sometimes like dirty water just make sure that they have some kind of water and that they are in there . In rivers and lakes, c ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a crayfish and a crawfish?

there is no difference. they are the same thing, but just different names you can call them. you can call them crayfish, crawfish, crawdaddy, and crawdad. . Spelling. Those are just two different words for the same animal.

Are there wild crawfish in New Jersey?

Absolutley....I grew up catching them often, in a small creek by my house (Pumpkin Patch Creek) in central nj. Unfortunatley, for decades people threw their fertilized grass clippings, and used car oil into the creek. Which I believe killed the crayfish eggs, and all these years later when I go back ( Full Answer )

Can you eat crawfish when you are pregnant?

Seafood, like crawfish or crayfish, is very nutritious and full of great vitamins, minerals, omega-3's, and lean protein. Because the mercury levels are considered to be the lowest in this seafood, crawfish or crayfish may be enjoyed with two 6-oz servings a week. It is important to eat a well balan ( Full Answer )

When is crawfish season?

Crawfish "season" typically runs from March through about June. This is when you will get your best crawfish. From August to February the shells on the crawfish are quite hard and not as easy to peel, and they are not as "fat". And, there is actually a season. Crawfish harvesting begins in the Sp ( Full Answer )

Where do crawfish live?

The greatest diversity of crayfish species is found in fresh water rivers and lakes in south-eastern North America.

What type of animal is a crawfish?

Crayfish, also known as crawfish or crawdad, are closely related to the lobster and are freshwater crustaceans. More than half of the more than 500 species occur in North America, particularly Kentucky (Mammoth Cave) and Louisiana in the Mississippi basin. Crawfish also live in Europe, New Zealand, ( Full Answer )

How do crawfish mate?

Male crawfish/crawdads produce a packet of sperm that resembles a small raspberry. They approach a female and place the packet at the base of the third peripod using a pair of modified pleopods (in English, that's underneath at the back end, where all the little paddles are). The female curls her ab ( Full Answer )

Can you die from water?

Yes, if water gets into your lungs you can drown. Or if you get shot in the head with a high powered water gun.

What is crawfish?

A crawfish (also known as a crayfish) is a fresh-water crustaceanthat looks like and is closely related to a very small lobster.Their scientific name is Astacoidea and are in the Astacoidea andParastacoidea superfamilies. Crawfish breathe using gills and live in fresh, flowing bodies ofwater such a ( Full Answer )

What is the life cycle of a crawfish?

the life cycle of the crawfish is still to this day not discoverd . the life cycle of the crawfish is still to this day not discoverd . the life cycle of the crawfish is still to this day not discoverd

What is the lifespan of a crawfish?

The common species of crayfish (crawfish) live about 2 or 3 years , but individuals may live to be as old as 8 years. Some rare species can live as long as 20 years. After reaching 2 years of age, they have usually grown fairly large and have difficulty creating larger shells beyond a certain size. ( Full Answer )

Where does a crawfish live?

actually crawfish are crestations. they are kind of like amphibians they live partly on water and partly on land. craw fish enjoy damp areas but they also need a dry area. so just subduing a crawfish in just water will kill it. therefore the above answer is incorrect and you are not stupid. =) (= a ( Full Answer )

What is the crawfishs diet?

Craw fish are mainly scavengers and preditors. They eat dead or dying fish, and live fish if they can catch them. They will also eat small mollusks and some plant matter.

Do crawfish lay eggs?

Yes they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they Cary it under it's tail I have one and it is BLUE look at that one right there Well........ here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cp0ChazpKc

How do you make a crawfish trap?

Materials needed: 2 soda bottles, bait, scissors . 1. Take the caps off both the bottles and discard them. . 2. Cut the neck of the bottle off and put them aside. . 3. Cut the bottoms of the bottles off and discard them. . 4. Put the bottles together and put the bottle necks in backwards. . 5. ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to boil crawfish?

Add your seasoning, lemons, and onions to the water. Bring to boil. Stir crawfish into boiling water, boil for 5-10 minutes, add your frozen corn, sausage and fresh red potatoes, let soak for 25-30 minutes. Drain water and enjoy.

Why does the crawfish molt?

A crawfish molts because it grows too big for its outer shell. Before molting they grow another exoskeleton underneath the old one then release an enzyme to get rid of the old one. After shedding their old exoskeleton they usually hide until their new one is hard enough to protect them.

What wine goes best with crawfish?

Since crawfish has such a heavy, distinct taste to it, you'll probably want to go with something a bit on the lighter side, like a sparkling white wine. It'll gently add to the taste of the dish without mixing two heavy flavors into the palette. Check out Vinho Verde from Twin Vines (http://www.jmft ( Full Answer )

How do crawfish elminate their waste?

The Crawfish or also known as the "hoaul-aunoi" by the Native Asian-Americans, are very diverse with their excreting of fluids and solids. The waste which is produced is actually stored in the mitochondria and partially phonically used as potential nutritious proteins for the muscles of the plankto ( Full Answer )

Do crawfish have noses?

no, they have a nose-like thing on the top of its head called a rostrum

How do you catch crawfish?

well what i do is i buy a crawfish trap from your local fishing store or you can put a peice of bacon on a fishing pole and pretty soon if its a good spot a crawfish will cling on to it and then you pull it up.

Can dogs eat crawfish?

vishee2906 crayfish carry a parasite The paragonimus worm is a half inch long, and breeds in your stomach and brain. Side affects include excess fluid around the heart and lungs and vision trouble. this parasite could affect dogs. like all shell fish crayfish should be cook before consuming.

How do you hook crawfish?

Crawfish can be "hooked" by casting a line to the bottom of a river or lake where crawfish are known to be as if you were fishing. Use a dead fish, or dead fish parts for bait and wait for a tug. It will be subtle, and once you begin reeling in, there will be very little resistance. Do NOT yank on t ( Full Answer )

Do crawfish live in tap water?

I dont know well thats too bad and thats this websites fault cause they should have an automatic system.But you can always check out google.Its much better

Can Muslims eat crawfish?

To the Muslims all permitted foods are called "Halal". Those foods that are prohibited are known as "Haram". Pigs and shellfish (e.g. crayfish) fall into the category of haram both because they are scavengers and unclean and because they are omnivores. .

Does crawfish taste good?

Yes, it sort of tastes like shrimp. And it is especially good with a honey sauce.

Is crawfish a shellfish?

Shell fish are more like hermit crabs living in a shell, crayfish are like mini lobsters.... Crayfish, Shellfish, Jellyfish and Silverfish are not real fish! The answer is NO.

Could crawfish eat seaweed?

Craw fish are fresh water and they would not be found. They usually dwell in creeks and rivers.

Why are some crawfish blue?

some Craw fish are blue because before they were born the female ate something blue and it got mixed with some of the eggs before they came out. so when they were born they were blue.

Where is captain crawfish?

Find the 5 pieces of the map and examine it and you'll see where skullduggery is. Dock there then get out of there and you'll find captain crawfish

How do you beat captian crawfish?

you can only beat him with all the crew members and the Phoenix Warbird. just shoot like crazy at him and try not to run into him or you will run out of power fast.

How do you beat captian crawfish on poptropica?

You have to get a lot of doubloons to get the Phonix Warbird by beating other ships so you can get a lot of doubloons from them. When you have about 500,000 you can loan another 500,000 from the bank and buy the phonix Warbird and to beat him fast you chase him around skullduggery island and then wh ( Full Answer )

Can you get crawfish in July?

Indeed you can, although the best months to catch them are in the fall and spring. The amount of crawfish you can catch depends more on the are than the month though. places like Louisiana have and abundance all year round.

Do crawfish breathe under water or above water?

Crayfish can breathe under water. It is not a good to pull them out of the water to often. They can become stressed and die. Provide plenty of hiding spots that can not be accessed by aggressive fish.

Is a crawfish a amphibian?

No. Crawfish, or crayfish, are crustaceans. They are related to and like lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and barnacles.

Does koi eat crawfish?

Well it depends on size and aggression.Koi eat crayfish and crayfish eat Koi .Just like mongoose(weasels) and snakes are complete enemies but are very evenly matched.If your feeding a live crayfish to a Koi make sure to rubber band it's claws.I currently trying to do the impossible by making them li ( Full Answer )

Can crawfish be kept in a bowel or a tank?

it doesn't matter what its kept in it just has to have enough water to survive and it can also go with out water but only for a certain amount of time.

What color are crawfish?

Most are red, some are green, brown, tan, or blue with black or orange markings in various combinations.

What makes a Crawfish a Crawfish?

The identity of any given species is determined by genetics. Identification of a species by zoologists involves observation of various details. In the case of a crawfish, you would note the chitinous exoskeleton, the size and shape of the pincers, and so forth. It's a lot like a lobster, but smaller ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase crawfish?

Crawfish are small aquatic crustaceans that are similar to lobsters. Crawfish can be purchased at a local supermarket and are often available frozen. They can also be purchased fresh in certain seafood markets.