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Q: Will crepe myrtle survive in acid soil?
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What are planting requirements for crepe myrtle bushes?

For Lagerstroemia archeriana: Well composted soil with good drainage; full sun or a little shade recommended. Water sparingly and infrequently, allowing soil to nearly dry between waterings.

Can you move a three-year-old crepe myrtle that never has bloomed?

Yes, you may move a three-year-old Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) that has not ever bloomed.Specifically, the best time to transplant is in October. Fall lends itself to transplanting any plant because the gardener and the plant are not dealing with the heat, light and moisture extremes of summer. The plant needs time to adjust to new surroundings. The adjustment tends to work best during the time that the plant is not actively growing.In transplanting, it is important to do a soil analysis of the previous and the new sites. It also is important to inspect the underground parts of the shrub. The lack of a bloom may be due to natural, biological processes within the crepe myrtle or to problems within the roots or soil.

How does acidity of rainwater influence the fertility of soil?

The higher level of acid there is the more nutrients are removed from the soil. Certain trees cannot even survive because acid blocks them from getting these nutrients.

How do you get your 5 year old crepe myrtle trees to bloom?

The most common reason would be lack of sun. Crepe Myrtles need full sun in most areas. If you want to move it, cut it back and dig up in winter. The other reason may be too richer soil which promotes leaf growth over flowers. Try using ash or a seaweed extract. Anything with a high potash/potassium content.The myrtle is a bush and is in full sun. I saw one article that said they like acidic soil similar to azaleas, should I add soil additives. It is also getting regular water. Should I cut back?

Are coffee grounds good for flowering trees such as Bradford Pears and Crepe Myrtles?

coffee ground acidifies the soil and can help plant get more iron however to much acid isn't good either

Is acid rain a problem for all plant species?

no not always because it causes acid levels in the soil to rise and cause most plants who are not adapted to the soil acidity to die but there are a few plants that can survive in those conditions

Can crepe myrtle grow in a protected area of western ny?

Yes, Crape Myrtle can grow in a protected area of Western NY. I have 16 Crape Myrtle plants growing in my Yard which is SE of Rochester, NY. They are growing in along my driveway and several of them receive just about all day sun. They are about 3-4 feet tall and several varieties are in full bloom. Other than a good soil and a decent layer of peat moss they are all are thriving very well.

What is of soil?

i have eaten soil 2 survive i have eaten soil 2 survive

Does acid affect soil?

yes,acid does effect soil.

How does acid rain increase the acidity of soil?

By putting the acid in the rain into the soil.

Would an earthworm survive in the desert?

Earthworms survive in those parts of the desert where the soil has more moisture. They do not survive in dry sand or soil.

Is soil an acid or alkali?


What does acid rain do to lakes and rivers?

When acid rain enters lakes and rivers, it can turn the lake or river acidic if there is enough acid rain. This can kill the fish and anything living in the water. It can cause some of the aluminum in the surrounding soil to enter the water, which is also very toxic. Some types of plants are able to survive in water or soil of an acidic pH while others cannot.

Should you put Muriatic acid on the soil?

It is possible that muriatic acid will damage the soil on a permanent basis. If your soil needs additional acid, vinegar works better than anything.

What acid and alkali are in treatment of soil?

acid rain can turn soil acidic. some plants will not grow in acidic soil. the soil is neutralised using lime which is an alkali.

Is soil acid or alkallai?

Soil is not the same everywhere. In different locations we can find soil with different chemical composition, and different pH. Soil can be either acid or alkaline.

What are the consequences for soil given exposure to rain?

because rain has acid in it it makes the soil have acid in it

What plants can be survive in sandy soil?

Cactus in dry climates and azaleas in humid climates can survive in sandy soil.

What does a dandelion need to survive?

a dandelion needs water to survive and soil to survive

What does acid rain do to soil?

It diminishes the soil as it contains harmful chemicals.

Does corn grow better in acid or alkaline soil?

most vegetables, as including corn, grow well in acid soil and acidic soil isn't a problem for them.

Do potatoes grow better in acid or alkaline soil?

alkaline soil alkaline soil

Do dogwood trees and bushes like acid or alkaline soil?

Why would a plant like acid? Obviously go with the soil.

What does acid rain do to the soil?

It gets rid of the nutrients from the soil.

Do African violets grow in acid soil?

Yes, African violets like acid soil, some people mix coffee grounds in around the soil to keep it acidic.