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Yes. Different kinds of salt can make different kinds of crystals

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Q: Will different kinds of salt make different kinds of crystals?
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Related questions

What is the difference between sugar crystals and salt crystals?

Salt crystals are made from salt, and sugar crystals are made from sugar. These are two very different materials as salt is a mineral and sugar is an organic compound.

Can you make crystals from salt water?

Yes, if you boil salt water away, you will be left with salt crystals.

What are the procedures to grow salt crystals?

to make crystals grow

Can you eat real crystals?

You can eat some kinds of crystals... salt crystals and sugar crystals, for example. It's probably not a good idea to eat, say, quartz crystals, though.

How do you make salt and sugar crystals?

for sugar crystals mix it with sugar cubes-boiled in water salt crystals- you simpley add salt. until, it turns into a simple solution.

What are the procedure for a salt crystals?

make a procedure about the salt crushed

What Materials Make the Best Crystals Sugar or Salt and Why?


What are the different types crystals?

Different types of large crystals include snowflakes, diamonds, and table salt. Other crystals include amber, calcite, emerald, and garnet.

When making salt crystals do you use the salt that you eat?

Sure Or you could use almost any other common source of salt (Sodium Chloride). Rock Salt, icemelt salt, water softener salt. Keep in mind: There are two types of table salt. Iodized and non-iodized. You would get purer crystals using non-iodized salt than using iodized salt, but perhaps it wouldn't make a big difference. "No-Salt" is typically Potassium Choloride. It is a different type of salt. Looking at photos, it looks like they both make a cubic crystal, but perhaps they would be different. You could also easily grow sugar crystals. Epson Salt is Magnesium Sulfate and will also work. Each substance may give slightly different crystals.

Do you need water to make salt crystals?

no you do not

How does salt and vinegar make crystals?

yes it does!

How does salt make crystals?

with tity milk

How do you make iodine table salt crystals?

Evaporating water from the salt solution.

How can you visually differentiate between fine salt and sugar?

Sugar has distinct crystals that look different from salt grains. While salt also has crystals, they are smaller in size that sugar based ones.

How many grains of salt does it take to make 1 pound of salt?

If you mean ordinary table salt. One salt crystal weighs about 0.0000585 grams (or 0.0585mg) grams. There are 453.59237 grams in a pound. If you divide the first number into the second number, you get 7,753,716 crystals per pound, or approximately 8 million ordinary salt crystals per pound.)The answer will be different for other salts like kosher salt, rock salt, and sea salt.

Does boiling salt water leave residue?

Yes it does. The water evaporates off leaving salt crystals behind. Depending on how fast you evaporate the water, different sizes of crystals are formed. The slower you evaporate, the larger the crystals.

What is the difference between Epsom salt and table salt crystals?

The table salt crystals are more tightly packed together than the epsom salt, and epsom salt crystals are dryer and thinner then the table salt crystals.

Do water and salt mixed together make crystals?

When mixed, it is a solution. If left to sit, the salt can partially distill out of the solution. If the water is left to evaporate, there will be crystals.

Is crystals made out of salt?

Salt is crystals.

Do salt crystals grow faster than sugar crystals?


Why is salt an ingredient for salt crystals?

because that is what the salt crystals are made of

Why are salt crystals diamond?

Salt crystals may reflect light like a diamond, but salt crystals are not diamonds.

What is the formula for Kosher salt?

The formula for Kosher salt is NaCl. It has no additives. The thing that makes it different from plain table salt is that the crystals are considerably bigger. The large surface areas of the crystal make it absorb liquids better. Kosher salt is called "Kosher" because it is used to make meat Kosher.

Do you need to have a seed crystal to make other crystals?

No you can make some crystals with table salt by making a saturated solution look how to do it on line

What are two different kinds of salts?

Rock salt and table salt.