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Anyone placed on probation for any charge is restricted from consuming alcohol and/or illicit drugs.

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Q: Will drug testing be part of probation for larceny misdemeanor in Michigan?
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What kind of drug testing do they do on misdemeanor probation Do they usually do UA testing blood or hair follicle testing?

They test your semen. You have to masturbate right in front of them.

Does probation drug testing cost money?

no probation drug testing does not cost you any money at all

Is animal testing illegal in Michigan?

is anmal testing illegal in detroit,michigan

Can your probation officer randomly drug test you if drug testing wasnt part of the stipulation to complete probation?

Read and understand your probation order. If you are sentenced to probation, you will have a court order stating the stipulations of your probation. USUALLY, there will be a box to check on the order itself for random drug testing to be ordered. If the box is not checked, you do not have to submit to any testing. If you consent to the testing, that's on you. But if it was not court ordered, it is always your right to refuse.

Is JWH consuption legal on probation?

Any mind altering in most cases on probation is illegal, drug court probation has done testing for in the past.

Can a probation officer require someone to take urinalysis testing if not court order?

yes, that is their job.... and that's one term of your probation.

How does probation test for alcohal in Massachusetts?

The most common testing method for alcohol is a Breathalyzer.

Am on probation for trespassing and they got piss testing Ive violated your second time the judge told you i was facing up to thirty days will you still be put on probation if you do your time?

No. If a sentence is served there is no need for probation.

My probation officer has tested me positive four times for ectacy. All four were proven negative by my drug probation on another site. Can a probation officer tamper with the strips to read positive?

Yes, he could be tampering with the testing materials, or someone else may be. However, there is no benefit to be gained by anyone doing so. Odds are, the Probation Office is using the cheapest testing materials they can find.

Is urine testing frequency determined by a judge or a probation officer?

Most judges will usually not dictate how often someone is drug tested. It is up to the probation officer.

If i am on probation for a battery charge will i probably take a urine test to get off?

If one of the requirements of your probation is that you submit to periodic/random drug testing you will, most likely, be required to submit to one before the expiration of your sentence of probation.

Is probation allowed to drug test u if judge said no?

If you have a prior offense, and judgment was for testing, absolutely.

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