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Q: Will extasy affect your future children?
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How will deforestation affect our future and our children's future?

Because climate change is poisonous which can affect our children future generation.

How can educated parents affect their children's future?

Educated parents can affect children a future because the future of children's depend upon parents life so if parents are educated ,socialized and civilized than they will also make these children educated ,socialized and civilized so educated parents affect children's future

What is in yellaow extasy pills?

yellow extasy

When was Extasy Records created?

Extasy Records was created in 1986-04.

When was Zazen Extasy created?

Zazen Extasy was created on 2000-07-30.

Can women still have children if they have genital HPV?

Yes. HPV does not affect future fertility.

How will being born premature affect your abilities to have children?

There are many medical reasons why people are born premature, but there is not a genetic cause so there is no affect to your future children. If the reason had a genetic foundation that may have an affect, but otherwise no affect.

What is extasy classified as?

A felony!!!

When your on thyroid replacement for life will you be able to have kids will the treatment affect them?

It's not a problem for anything except your thyroid. It shouldn't affect your future children.

What actors and actresses appeared in Extasy - 1995?

The cast of Extasy - 1995 includes: Tonio Descanvelle Armelle Stepien

Does extasy show in a ua?


What are the health effects of extasy?


How did the battlefields and future battles affect the war?

The future does not affect the past. The past effects the future.

How many times can you take extasy?

You can take extasy as many times as you want, however, it is not smart to take extasy for continuous days in a row. Extasy drains your real seritonin, you need to take a rest and let your body return back to "somewhat normal" before you plunge into your roll again.

How long should you wait if you are breast feeding and you take extasy?

Extasy, being a non-therapeutic med, has not undergone much testing, especially on how it affects nursing children. But as breast milk often contains some of the medication the mtoher takes, you can assume you're giving your child extasy if you get high on it while breast feeding. You've taken the responsilibilty to ask this question, and I admire that. Please go ahead with your thinking and do not take extasy until your child is no longer breast feeding.

How did the battlefields in future battles affect the war?

The future cannot affect the past.

How does your childhood affect your future as an adult?

it affect your future by what you do and how you act. hope that helped!

How Might affect you in your future career?

If you have a future.

What does it feel like to be eaten out on extasy?


Does the contraceptive implant affect future fertility?

The contraceptive implant does not affect future fertility.

Can the contraceptive implant affect future fertility?

The contraceptive implant does not affect future fertility.

How long after you took xanax do you have to wait before taking extasy to get the full effect?

I think you are really Stupide Xanax is against Extasy troubles ...

Do STDs always affect future fertility?

Some STDs affect future fertility, and others do not. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause scarring the affect future fertility.

A sentence for affect?

Example for affect: Your actions affect your future.

When was Children of the Future - anthology - created?

Children of the Future - anthology - was created in 1982.