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Your answer depends on the composition of the 'fake diamond' and the composition of glass. Each mineral has a rating on the Mohs Scale of hardness. The harder mineral will scratch the softer mineral.

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Do fake diamonds cut glass?

A proper glass cutter will be tipped with real diamond. A fake diamond may be used to cut something in an attempt to prove that it is not fake. Take your jewelery to a local jeweler to test the stone; that will help you determine whether or not the diamond is fake. Swiping glass with anything except a cleaning cloth could be considered vandalism.

How can you tell a diamond is not real without all the hytech stuff?

a real diamond can cut glass, a fake diamond cant.

Can diamond or emeralds cut glass?

A diamond will cut glass -- an emerald will not.

Why glass cannot cut diamonds?

Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth. So a diamond can cut glass, but glass cannot cut a diamond.

How can I tell if the stones in my ring are real diamonds?

Real diamonds will cut glass, though there is speculation that some fake diamonds can cut glass, and that you can damage a real diamond by cutting glass with it. Another way to tell is to hold the diamond up in the light. If you see any orange color from the diamond, it is fake, as real diamonds have every color EXCEPT orange.

Is glass hard or diamond hard?

Diamond is hardest Diamond cuts glass Glass does not cut diamond

Can American diamonds cut glass?

Any diamond can 'cut glass' in the sense that dragging the diamond stone across glass will mar the glass.

Can a cz diamond cut glass?

A cubic zirconia WILL cut glass. The way to tell it apart from a REAL diamond is that only a real diamond will cut a cubic zirconia.

How can you tell the difference between a real diamond or a fake?

scratch the diamond against glass...if it scratches its real if it doesn't its fake

How do you know if a crsytal is a diamond?

see if it cuts glass..any diamond can cut through glass

What evidence could you use to determine if you have a real diamond?

The time-honored test, that is the common and traditionally suggested practice when no microscopes for looking at it's inclusions (flaws) and characteristics are available, is to see if it will cut glass. It takes an extremely hard substance to cut glass and glass does not cut glass, so you can rule out that it is a fake made from glass in that way.

How to find out if you have a real diamond?

a real diamond can scratch glass and if the diamond gets scratched it's fake

Any natural jewel that cuts glass?

A diamond will cut glass.

What property of diamond enables it to be used to cut glass?

Diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth due to its carbon bonds. This is why it is able to cut glass.

Why diamond is best for cutting glass?

Glass can always be cut by diamond, so if precision is required over a variety of glass types, diamond will be preferred as the cutting tool.

How do you cut a hole in glass?

how you cut a hole it it would be using another piece of glass a diamond or go to a 'stained glass shop' and get a glass cutter

Can diamonds cut through glass?

Cut through glass is different from scaring the surface of glass. People who cut glass use a diamond-tipped tool to score the surface of the glass, then they tap the glass with a rubber mallet, which fractures the glass along the line of the score. You could use a diamond-tipped saw to cut through glass, especially if it was a thick plate.

Will quartz cut glass like diamonds?

No. Diamonds cut glass because diamonds are harder than glass. Quartz is not as hard as diamond.

What is glass cutting?

Glass cutting is using some tool to cut glass into pieces. You can buy a glass cutter at a hardware store and cut glass however you do need some skill to do a good job. There are probably videos on Youtube that show you how to cut glass.

What is used for making glass cutters?

Diamond is used to cut glass, since it is harder than glass.

How do you see if a diamond is real?

well, with a real diamond, you can cut glass, and it's indestructible.

Can you cut heat resistant glass?

Hi there yess you can cut heat resistant glass all you need is a diamond cutter. A diamond cutter is something window repairers and fitters use it has a small peice of diamond that indents the glass then it is snapped along the line a bit like folding paper and tearing it. The diamond is used because it self is the cheapest product which is hard enough to cut glass.

How does a diamond cut glass?

A diamond cuts glass by being drug across the surface of the pane of glass according to the desired pattern. Once so scored, the glass technician will use a rubber mallet to tap one side or the other of the score, to separate the glass into the desired shapes and pieces. A diamond tool is used to cut glass, because diamond is the hardest mineral known.

Are diamond blades suitable to cut gems?

As the logic goes it is difficult to cut glass with glass. Diamond saws are used for cutting rough diamonds. The lasers are also used widely to cut diamonds. The cutting of rough diamond also followed by girdling.

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