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Any piercing hurts to some extent and being 14 doesn't give you superpowers to be immune to the pain of any piercing let alone an oral piercing. In body piercing you need to learn that if you want the piercing you will get it regardless of any discomfort you may feel. Bottom line if you want the piercing you need to be prepared to go through the piercing the swelling and the aftercare to heal the piercing. If you feel that is too much for you to deal, with then find something else to do, but don't get a piercing. It takes commitment and effort to have a great piercing, if you really want it then a little discomfort and swelling shouldn't be an issue.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-21 06:12:32
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Q: Will getting a mouth piercing when you are 14 years old hurt?
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Does it hurt when you get a labert piercing?

Depends where you are getting it at. But keep this in mind, all piercings hurt.

How badly does getting a navel piercing hurt?

Ya a lot

Does getting your nipple peirced hurt?

Yes. Any piercing is going to hurt to some degree.

Does getting a barbell piercing in your ear hurt?

like a motherf***er

Can you play sport with a lip piercing?

Sure! But at your own risk; if you get hit in the mouth, it will hurt extra.

Does getting an anesthesia shot in your mouth hurt?

Yes. It does.

Im thinking about getting my belly button pierced but I've got my tongue pierced will it hurt compared to that?

No. Piercing your belly button wont hurt as compared to piercing your tongue.

How much do piercings hurt?

If you are getting a ear piercing it doesn't hurt at all but other kinds of piercings non your body hurt depending on where you get them!

Does the bottom lip piercing hurt?

Getting a body piercing is going to hurt regardless of where it is on your body. There are of course areas that are more sensitive then others. If you have a properly trained piercer providing the piercing it will diminish the amount of pain you feel.

What hurts more getting an industrial piercing or tongue piercing?

Industrial for sure. Tongue piercings dont hurt that much at all.

Does getting your cartlidge pierced hurt?

Yes, any piercing is going to hurt. The severity of the pain varies from person to person.

Does it hurt to get a libret piercing?

Do you mean a labret piercing? Because if so it depends on the person whether it hurts or not. But I personally didn't think it hurt, to me it felt like getting my ears pierced.

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