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No. It has no impact on your voice box.

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Q: Will getting your tonsils taken out make your voice get deeper?
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When you have your tonsils taken out do you lose your voice?


How come Justin's voice is not deep yet?

It is getting deeper... go look at the video from when hes in Germany on Wetten Das. His voice is getting deeper.

How does toncils affect you singing voice?

Your tonsils shouldn't effect your singing. I know someone who is a great singer and they got there tonsils taken out. Your tonsils is not correspondent to your vocal chords.

When does a boy's voice get deeper?

A boy's average time of getting a deeper voice is usually around 3 or older.

Is Justin Biebers voice getting deeper?


Does getting your tonsils out change your voice for a while?

Well, I haven't had my tonsils out, yet, but I will soon and my nose and throat doctor said that for about 1-2 weeks you will have a bad sore throat and probably not be able to speak either. The best thing to do is eat lots of mushy food or things that wont hurt the throat. So, yes... getting your tonsils out will change your voice for a while, but not forever....

Do singers with tonsils sound better than singers without tonsils?

I am o professional singer. I got my tonsils taken out last year and I sound better. I don't believe it affects you. I had the worst condition possible and my voice was being held back. It takes a while to get over the sugery... but for me my voice was better with out! Best of luck!- betterthanyou102

When your voice cracks a lot of time does that mean its getting deeper?

Yes, you are starting puberty.

What age does your voice get deeper?

It depends. My voice got deeper when I was 12.

Why is Sophia bush's voice different deeper now?

Sophia Bush's voice was deeper due to her naturally raspy voice and her health. During the seasons where she had a deeper voice, she claimed that she was ill.

Is your voice changing a sign of puberty?

Yes, puberty has a lot of changes to the body and the voice breaking and getting deeper is just one of these signs.

Will getting large tonsils removed make your singing voice better?

i dont think it will make a difference. but then again, im not a doctor.

Can tonsils affect your voice?


Why is my Adam's Apple growing quickly but my voice isn't getting deeper?

The size of the Adams apple isn't directly related to the depth of your voice. (If it is at all) my voice is deeper than 98% of white males but I have a smaller Adams apple than most people. If you're over 16 it probly won't get much deeper. But it is possibe that it will. It varries from person to person.

Why does an adolescent boy's voice crack?

a adolescent boy's voice cracks because his Adam's Apple is getting bigger and just when he thinks his voice is permanently deeper his voice randomly changes pitch because the little bands in his Adam's Apple are still getting used to being stretched and so his voice cracks.

Why do they take your tonsils out?

obstruction, sleep apnea, inability to swallow properly because of enlarged tonsils, "hot potato" voice (breathy voice) and other speech abnormalities due to enlarged tonsils, recurrent or persistent abscesses or throat infections

Does estrogen cause a deeper voice?

Testosterone is the hormone that causes elongation of the vocal cords and thus a deeper voice.

Can smoking make your voice sound deeper?

Yes it can. the reason why is because you can get lung cancer. your voice will sound deeper

What effect does removing your tonsils have on your health?

Removing your tonsils help air go into your body more easily and is a safe procedure to go through. If you have problems with breathing having your tonsils removed helps. Getting tonsils removed is safe and the only downside is that you will not be able to scream in a high ptched voice and will not be a ble to keep a note, not be able to sing very well anymore. B-EHS

Why does a teens voice crack?

Teen boys voices become deeper as they get older as their vocal cords lengthen and thicken so then their voice gradually gets deeper and other guys may find that their voice becomes deeper more quickly.

Is there any miner problems when you get a deeper voice during puberty?

Sometimes, the transition form childish voice to deeper voice is accompanied with a period where voice breaks. Here it feels like you have a tiny throat infection..but this is normal .

Does Cody Simpson sound like a girl?

Does he sound like a girl....NO. When he first started out he had a little boy voice.......Now he has a teenager voice he is going through puberty so it is getting deeper. So NO.

What happens to your singing voice when you get older?

Well it gets deeper,if you are a man your voice gets deeper if you are a woman your singing voice get a tab bit lower no much but a little.Do not worry you are not turnning into a monster.!!

If you start cracking your voice at 12 years old what age does it crack Also if your voice gets a bit deeper but it has not changed yet does it mean your voice will be changed soon?

My voice has got deeper but has ot yet cracked. his has been for like 6 months so im guessing it will take a while then one day you lose your voice and then it comes back deeper.

Can you lose your voice having your tonsils out?

Maybe you can, I'm not really sure.