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Glucose is a substance that will increase a solutions osmolality.

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Q: Will glucose effect osmolality
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The primary effect of antidiruetic hormone ADH is to?

lower the osmolality of the blood

What is the osmolality of an isosmotic solution with plasma?

The osmolality of isosmotic solution is 300milliosmolar.

What are the Side effects of glucose syrup?

the effect of glucose syrup

What analytes are included in routine urinalysis?

Basic urinalysis usually looks at pH, osmolality, osmolarity, specific gravity, along with presents of proteins, glucose, ketones, blood and erythrocytes.

What effect will high insulin have on blood glucose levels?

It will decrease glucose levels

What effect does NaCl have on glucose diffusion?

No it does not

What are osmoles?

Osmosis? Osmolality? Osmolarity?

Inhibitory gene effect?

The inhibitory effect of glucose on phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase gene expression in cultured hepatocytes is transcriptional. It requires glucose metabolism.

Will breath mints with two grams of sugar effect blood glucose levels?

Yes. Any carbohydrates effect the level of glucose in the blood.

What effect does glucose give you?

Glucose is the sugar that the mitochronia need to produce energy for the cells.

Does elevation of blood glucose elevate your temperature?

No, elevated blood glucose with have no effect on temperature.

Why does glucose does not turn blue litmus red?

It is because glucose is not acidic it is a alkalineNope. Glucose is neither acid nor alkali. Glucose does not disassociate into ions when dissolved in water and has no effect on pH, thus also has no effect on litmus indicator.

Does nacl effect glucose transport?

No it doesn't.

Does epinephrine have a glucose-sparing effect?


How do you measure the osmolality of honey?

You will need an osmometer.

When osmolality is lower the solution is called?


What is the difference between osmolality and osmolarity?

osmolality: number of osmoles of solute per kilogram of solvent. osmolarity: number of osmoles of solute per liter of solution.

Does Dilaudid have any effect on the glucose level?


What is the stimulus for ADH secretion?

increased plasma osmolality

If the water concentration on the inside of the cell is higher than the concentration on the outside the solution is said to be what?

Hypo-osmotic, it depends on the osmolality, if the osmolality is higher inside the cell its called hypotonic.

What is the purpose of measuring plasma osmolality?

you seriously don't know this??

How is the production of ADH regulated?

regulated by the osmolality of the circulating blood. Osmolality refers to the concentration of dissolved chemicals (such as sodium, potassium, and chloride; together called solute) circulating in the fluid base of the blood

What percentage of carbohydrates can be converted into glucose in the human body?

Once digested, 100% of carbohydrates are converted to glucose. However, approximately 40% of protein foods are also converted to glucose, but this has minimal effect on blood glucose levels.

Is glucose a colloid?

Glucose is a compound with the molecular folrmula C6H12O6. It is not a colloid, since it does not exhibit the Tyndall Effect, which is characteristic of all colloids.

What is an effect of photosynthesis?

Oxygen is produced, and the plant is supplied with sugar and 'glucose'