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well Idk depends on the lie that u swore to him . If it was like a really bad thing lie Like if u swear to god that u wouldn't lie again then that would send u to hell . But if it was a simple lie then I guess that god could forgive u

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yes god forgives everyone for everything if they realise they did wrong and try to fix it

god doesnt judge people

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Q: Will god forgive you if you lied to him?
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How do you handle being lied to constantly?

You only be lied to if you listen. Drop the lier.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you lied about having your license?

Tell him the truth. If he loves you, he will forgive you. If he doesnt forgive you, he is a bad bf and you should break up.

Does God forgive you if you get mad at him?

1John 1:9 says if we confess our sins God is faithful to forgive us. We can count on this being true if we confess God will forgive.

What sin does God cannot forgive that starts with the letter b?

there are absolutely no sins that God does not forgive.

Did God forgive sodom and gomorrah for what they did?

No god did not forgive them , he destroyed the two cities by fire and brimstone.

What should you do if your boyfriend lied about looking at pictures of his ex?

If he lied to you about this. Then he might be hiding something in there. So his take is different everytime he does.

Does god forgive you for calling someone a fool?

no because god says he will always forgive you unless you do sewiside

My dad was saying how I lied about what he did I didn't lie so I got mad I ran to the restroom at the diner and threw up Should I forgive him for making me so upset?

If dad said that you lied and you did not, it is good for you to forgive him and let go the grudge, after all he is still your dad.

Will god forgive the devil?


Can God forget?

No, but he can forgive if you have accepted Christ as your savior and you forgive others.

WHAT is the only sin that God can not forgive?

God Almighty can not forgive the sin of rejecting His son, Jesus Christ. Christ

Why do you go to confessions?

You go to confession to confess to God your sins, you pray for forgiveness and god listens he will forgive you. If you are truthful and truly sorry for what you did then god will forgive you.