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Heavy Metal is musics greatest surviver. Never in fashion never out of fashion. I am 14 and i intend to be playing metal for the rest of my life. YES!!!

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How did people listen to music int he 1950's?

Everyone listened to music on the radio. People also listened to music on vinyl records. You can still buy vinyls today.

How popular is metal music as a whole in the world?

while currently gaining popular acclaim in the states, Heavy metal is still widely appreciated in Europe

When was heavy metal popular?

To some people heavy metal is still popular. it is still played in concerts and on radio stations.

What was the most listened to music in the 70's?

Surprise, it was and still is country.

Is heavy metal still popular?

Yea it still is, but many people, MTV, and the music business make it seem like its not. Still though, people still seem to enjoy it young or old :P

Is three days grace heavy metal?

Technically they are, but they are more Alternative metal. Alt metal is still a sub genre of heavy metal so I guess your answer is yes.

How popular is Disturbed?

Disturbed is being listened to by all the "Fans" or metal-heads over the years. They are the keystone of why metal is still around. Personally,I dont believe Disturbed is Nu Metal/Hard Rock,I believe they are the music of the GODS! They,themselves,have created....a new genre...Damn fine work......

What is more popular soul music or metal music?

Definitely heavy metal as it is a global genre. Some genres eventually go "underground" and are not as known anymore while heavy metal relatively is still marketable. Original soul music is off the map in comparison, although its variations give it some long-running popularity. It must have been popular in some circles back in the 50s and 60s compared to metal in the 70s and 80s but metal doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon.

How come I get light-headed when i scream heavy metal music?

you are using all oxygen in your lungs and still screaming so this makes you light headed

Does heavy metal have a positive influence?

Heavy Metal in my opinion is the best. My mom on the other hand disapproves of it. But I still listen to it and its what I like. I think it has a better influence than the rapper Lil' Wayne because he raps about drugs, money, and sex. Heavy Metal also has way less swearing then the music kids listen to these days. But I don't want to put any type of music down so I think they can both be positive in their own ways.

What are some influences of korn?

When they were young they listen to metal like Black Sabbath and Dio, but they also listened to funk like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More. In the end they had to make a choice between metal and funk, so they went with metal, but still managed to incorporate that funky vibe into their music.

Will metal music still be around in thirty years?

Yes. There will always be some form of "metal" music being made.

What are the release dates for Still the Beaver - 1983 Heavy Metal 2-5?

Still the Beaver - 1983 Heavy Metal 2-5 was released on: USA: 6 October 1986

Heavy metal or rap?

I'd go with Heavy Metal, personally. Although I still like a little bit of NWA and Ice-T from time to time.

How do heavy metals react on plants?

~I am still in the middle of testing this but heavy metal seems to stunt plants growth.~

How popular is Ozzy Osbournes song crazy train?

Crazy Train is considered a classic of heavy metal music, and even now can still be heard on some radio stations.

When were The Beatles popular?

The Beatles became popular in the 1960s and were popular for the next several decades. Their music is still listened to today.

What type of music did Poison band have?

Poison played a mix of Heavy Metal and acoustic ballads during their career. The band disbanded for a short period of time but still plays reunion shows with other 80's metal bands.

Why all Christian music is not appropriate for Christian worship?

Some musical groups make records under a christian label, but their music is intended for the commercial sector, not worship. A christian heavy metal band is still christian music, but isn't intended for average church worship.

Why is the Harlem Renaissance remembered as one of the greatest literary movements?

Music, art, and poetry came out of it and the works are still read/joyed by people today. Langston Hughes is a perfect example as well as the jazz music that is still listened to.

What are some German heavy metal bands?

Rammstein is by far Germany's most popular heavy metal band. Others include Kreator, Sodom (2 of them), Blind Guardian, Destruction, and Poltergeist. Less heavy but still counting are the Scorpions and Accept.

How can people that are hearing impaired listen to music differently than other people?

Thomas Edison listened to music through his teeth. Helen Keller listened through her feet. Most hearing impaired people use hearing aids. Many with damage to their ears can still listen through their sculls.

Is rap better than heavy metal?

It's a matter of opinion. Personally, I'd go with Heavy Metal, and express an agreement with a t-shirt I once saw which read, "If Tupac were still alive, most of today's rappers would still be flipping burgers".

Who is the heaviest heavy metal band in the world?

Led Zeppelin, there is no band that matches them. All others are baby heavy. Even from the 70s till now they have the most album copies sold till date. No other heavy metal band has achieved that. Using music technologies of that decade, they could achieve this much. Bands of today just scream like in death metal, no words, no beat, no heavy guitar like Jimmy page of Led Zeppelin. There is no comparison to the pioneer of heavy metals- Led Zeppelin. Ummm, we're talking about heaviness of sound, not money, but yes, they're the founders of Heavy Metal, but nowadays, I'd say the heaviest heavy metal was Pantera, but now that all the death metal came out, it's hard to tell, and even if they don't have rhythm or beat or whatever, they're still heavy; heaviness isn't measures in that, but by the aggression of the sound

Can I still be an amateur heavy metal drummer at 38 with your artificial hip joint just changed?

Yes, it is possible to be that.

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