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Yes, although it depends with the type of high school and their system of education. There are high schools that transfer credits from English schools to the American schools.


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Keller Graduate School is an accredited University and credits received will transfer to another college or university. They also accept transfer credits from other accredited schools of higher education.

No, you still have them. The new college may or may not accept all the credits you earned at the first, but if you go back to the first college, they're still there (though they, in turn, might refuse to accept transfer credits from the new college). If you think there's the slightest possibility you might transfer schools, you should plan ahead and contact both colleges to see what credits will transfer and what will not.

In general, credits transfer from school to school (regardless of the state), so long as the schools are both accredited. You'll need to consult with the new school to see how to go about getting credits transferred.

Hey! I just started at Ashworth College and I'm not sure about other schools but here you can transfer credits. I'm getting my online associates degree and my credits transferred. Good luck!

Yes you can. Different schools take different credits and requirements, but most schools will transfer some or all credit.

As of 2013, American InterContinental University is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission. You can use degrees from AIU to transfer to traditional brick-and-mortar programs at many other schools (but remember that accepting transfer credits is entirely up to the institution you're transferring to).

You can start with your home county community college. Fill out an application with liberal arts as your declared major and submit official transcripts from each college you attended. They will transfer all usable credits from the previous schools, provided the schools you attended had a regional accreditation at the time you attended. There will be a limit on how many credits they will transfer. It is usually around 32 credits. The rest of the requirements you will have to take at the college.

While alternative schools may offer a different perspective on learning, the credits rarely transfer to a major college. This is because alternative schools do not have a traditional grading system.

Although there are many accredited schools in London, no all schools are. Especially if one is traveling abroad, the school credits may not transfer back and forth.

American schools talk in English, and German schools talk in German.

Schools in Japan have Japanese people and English schools have English, Australian,American, multicultural people and schools in Japan are more advanced due to their technologies

The credit transfer depends greatly on the schools you are trying to transfer between. Check with the school you are applying to and they will know for sure. typically most credits from an accredited school will transfer but maybe for only certain requirements or for less credits. Again, check with your school, they'll know for sure.

This is subjective. It all depends on the online school you attended, as quite a few online schools do not have credits that transfer. It also depends on the University, many Universities will accept credits, but sometimes they will not accept all the credits that you earned at your previous school. Most colleges and Universities will have there accreditation listed on their website, if you can find two schools that are accreditted through the same company your credits will most likely be transferable. I would caution you not to fill out any admissions forms for any colleges or Universities until you have figured out if your credits will transfer because if they wont, you will have to start all over with your degree.

Depending on the courses, yes you can. However, most schools will only allow approximately 32 credits in transfer (half the program).

Depending on the courses, yes you can. However, most schools will only allow approximately 32 credits in transfer (half the program).

English as a second language schools would most certainly include South American schools or Mexico for example where English is not a strong language.

You can if you completed the coursework through a regionally accredited college or university, which the traditional regionally accredited schools require.

I am not really sure what you are referring to. You should rephrase the question. That being said. Some students take courses in a variety of areas and at different schools with no clear direction as toward a specific major. You can transfer credits to a college or university and incorporate them into a specific degree option. Still, every institution will have a limit as to how many credits they will transfer. You will have to contact each school, or look them up through the College Board web site and inquire as to their transfer credit policy.

Hawaii Community College has a regional accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Apollo College does not have a regional accreditation. Typically, regionally accredited colleges and universities do not accept credits in transfer from institutions that do not have a regional accreditation. Thus, I believe there would be a problem.

You need 20 credits. But at CHSAS and selective schools, you need 28

You can transfer schools at any age under 18 with a parents approval.

It depends on the classes, how they apply to the new program, and when and where they were taken. Some vo-ed schools have agreements with community colleges and universities to accept transfer credits, which can make the process easier. One school might be willing to accept a class from a vo-ed school while the next institution might now. Bottom line: if you plan to transfer eventually, make sure that the vo-ed classes are eligible for transfer. You won't want any surprises.

Most colleges accept transfer credits, including fashion schools and regular colleges that offer fashion majors. However, restrictions on transferring vary. Ask colleges that you're interested in about credits before applying.

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