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Settling of earth is not a covered cause of damage. For this reason, the homeowner's insurance will not cover replacement of the windows. This is a maintenance issue that is your responsibility as the homeowner. Maintenance is never covered by the homeowner's insurance. Sorry.

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Q: Will homeowners insurance cover replacement windows that sagged due to settling?
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Does homeowners insurance cover replacing windows that failed due to house settling?

No. Settling is not a covered cause.

Does Wallside Windows accept homeowners insurance?

To make a claim with your homeowners insurance policy, you will need to contact your agent for details on how to proceed from there. In searching the Wallside Windows webpage, I did not see any indication that they accept homeowners insurance as payment.

Will homeowners insurance cover replacing windows damaged in a storm?

Depending on which homeowner's policy form you have it will either pay for replacing the windows or the actual cash value of the windows which is replacement less depreciation. Most people will have a Form 3 which will pay for replacement cost.

Will homeowners insurance cover replacement windows?

Well, you are not really giving enough information to answer the question. A large proportion of policies will cover it, but you need to see what your coverage is. Also, make sure to check out this complimentary book on replacement windows - -

Does homeowners insurance cover broken windows?

That depends on your insurance provider. Easiest way is to ask them.

Will homeowners insurance pay to replace worn out windows?

Normal wear and tear is not considered sudden or catastrophic. Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for home upgrade or maintenance expenses.

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