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Information purpose of education is to achieve the optimal allocation of educational resources, teaching and learning effectiveness optimization. From the perspective of knowledge management, its essence is a process of knowledge flow, namely, how to best knowledge and best results are transmitted to the learner from the educational process. This is in fact to solve the problem of knowledge management.

Be pointed out that institutions of higher learning is to generate new knowledge, it is also a huge storage warehouse of knowledge, knowledge of plants and think tanks.The field of education on information technology is concerned, the biggest challenge of knowledge management is not only to generate new knowledge, focused on access to digital teaching resources, organization and development of knowledge repositories,knowledge management systems, the most convenient way to put knowledge to students, students can easily access, learn and use.

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Information has always been a part of the teaching and learning process. However, technology will certainly make a difference in the process in several ways.

Technology allows faster access to information and access to much more information. The teaching and learning process involves helping students learn how to access the information and determine its relevance to their topic or subject matter.

Technology also makes it easy to just copy and paste information rather than reading the information and writing it in your own words. The teaching and learning process involves learning how to take the information, learn it, and then use it.

Technology also allows people with special needs greater access to information. The teaching and learning process should include the various technological means for allowing people with special needs access to the information.

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Q: Will information and technology make a difference in the teaching and learning process?
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How does technology help in delivery the curriculum?

Technology and internet help in enrichment learners' activity through the following aspect: · Technology through internet provides factual and related information · Technology introduce new teaching methods · Technology give an opportunity to maximize learning · Technology conceptualize the e-learning community · Technology create an ample learning environment · Technology maximize the learners' output · Technology means of innovative skills in learning · Technology designed to meet learning excellency

What is the difference between teaching and educating?

Teaching is to impart knowledge or skill and learning is to acquire knowledge or skill by study.

Which of the following skills are needed for present day teacher to adjust effectively with the classroom teaching?

use of technology in teaching learning and content mastery

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How do internet resources facilitate teaching and learning?

Internet resources are an important part of the modern learning process. Teachers and students can both benefit from the information that is available and the accessibility of the information. Also many additional teaching and learning resources can be found online.

What is exploratory learning?

Exploratory learning is a method of teaching in line with constructivist teaching theories. In exploratory learning the students learn new information either through experimentation or using their prior knowledge and guidance from the instructor. Exploratory learning is an alternative to the traditional method of instruction where students are told the information and asked to memorize it.

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There are six types of technology. 1.Information technology. 2.Assistive technology. 3.instructional technology. 4medical technology. of productivity. of teaching.

Why deluge of informatin poses a great challenge to both teaching and learning?

A deluge of information is an overload of material. This can be overwhelming to teaching as well as learning if too much is expected in too little time.

What is the importance of educational technology?

Education technology enhances learning for students. When they have better tools, they get a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

What does it mean IT college?

"IT college" would be a college specifically focused on teaching Information Technology.

Difference between learning and teaching?

Teaching is to provide instructions and knowledge to someone. Learning is receiving those instructions from the teacher.