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I think that it is actually illegal to obtain two different insurance policies on one business. This is because if something happened you could collect from two companies.

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Can insurance companies charge for other structures even if there are none?

Most likely you have a package policy. These package policies tend to have additional structures coverage already included.

How do insurance companies determine if business are underinsured?

Insurance companies look at what the business is worth and compare it to how much insurance already exists. If there is a deficit then the business will need to purchase more insurance.

How do you get paid selling life insurance?

The Direct and Corporate Agents who sell life insurance policies on behalf of the Insurance Companies are paid a certain percentage of commission(quantum already settled before) on the premium amount. In the case of single premium policies, commission is paid once and at a lower rate, whereas in conventional policies the commission is paid on premiums paid on every mode and at a bit higher rate.

What kind of health insurance comparison can we get with the services that MBF offers?

MBF is itself a health insurance company, so it would be best to use a third-party service to compare health insurance offered by a wide variety of companies. MBF will compare their different policies for you, if you have already decided to buy insurance from them.

Can you get travel insurance if you are out of your country?

I guess it depends on insurance companies in your country. In UK there are just 2 companies that offer this service if you're already overseas.

Why do you have to let the insurance company know if you already have have a insurance policy with a different company?

The reason why life insurance companies ask about other life insurance coverage is to determine if you have a need for additional life insurance. The insurance companies do not want you to be overinsured.

Can you carry your own insurance on a car that already has insurance?

Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: insureinfo.us

Will insurance companies pay out if the insured driver did not tell them bout six points on there license?

Most, if not all insurance companies checked your driving record so they know already.

Which companies should a person consider before purchasing home business insurance?

There are a number of specialist insurance companies that offer bespoke policies for home based business such as Home Protect, Home Business Insurance, Simply Business, Adrian Flux and Towergate Insurance, but many of the larger general insurance companies can also provide cover. The AA, Direct Line and Swinton Commercial all have provision for home based business insurance, if you have home insurance already it is worth contacting your existing company and asking if they will do a combined policy. Do comparison checks on price, cover and personal liability before signing anything.

Which companies offer good vehicle breakdown insurance?

"Some companies that offer good vehicle breakdown insurance are: All State, metlife, geico, and GEM. These companies you may have already heard of and the reason for it is they have the best rates around."

How long do you have to get insurance if you buy a car with cash from another individual?

If you already have auto insurance on another vehicle, most insurance companies will cover you up to a month while you work on insuring the new vehicle. On the other hand, if you do not already have auto insurance, you had best not be driving the new vehicle until you get insurance. If auto insurance companies find that you've been driving without insurance they will raise your rates when you DO get around to it, and they'll put you into a high-risk group.

What is one of the best boat insurance company's?

The best company to get boat insurance through is probably Progressive Insurance or Nationwide Insurance. Although you may want to check your current companies rates if you already have car insurance through them.

Where can I get unemployment insurance?

Large insurance companies will be able to provide this service to you for a discount if you already use them for other insurance needs. Be sure to ask your home/car isurance provioder for added discounts.

Where can you get a quote for home insurance in Florida?

All of the major insurane companies offer home insurance in each state. You can contact the company you already have insurance with to see if they offer homeowners inusurance as well. Another option is to look in the yellowpages and find the names of insurance companies that are smaller or will have local offices you can contact.

Can an employer make you take health insurance if you already have insurance with your parent?

Some companies get better insurance rates if they require all employees to buy health insurance. IT is cheaper because the insurance company is not covering just the people that need it or use it.

How do you find your father's life insurance policies?

Check all of his papers. Look for payments to insurance companies, they typically require a policy number on cancelled checks or transfers. Check safe deposit boxes. Check with the HR department of his employer as well. Often fraternal organizations and even some banks have small policies for all their members (It's a come on to get you to purchase a full policy from them, since you already have the $500 or $1000 policy with them).

Which good and cheap insurance could I get to go on a vacation.?

It really depends on your preference of insurance companies, and most of the time it may be easier and cheaper to go with the company you already use for your insurance needs at home.

Can you purchase travel insurance at the airport?

Yes, though I guess it depends on travel insurance companies in your country. What country are you in? In UK it's possible to oder insurance even if you're already overseas. Ex. https://globelink.co.uk/forms/quotation-application-form-for-already-travelling.html

Can my husband add me to his medical insurance if you are already pregnant?

Yes only if you were previously insured with another company and lost your insurance or it is his companies renewal period , usually once a year.

Where can somebody find information on supplemental health insurance plans?

There are many insurance companies that sell supplemental health insurance. Some of these companies include State Farm, Shiip Home, and All State to name a few. Sometimes though, the best place to get information is from friends, family, or neighbours who already have this insurance and can share their knowledge.

Your daughter borrowed your car and had accident she has coverage from a different insurance company Will your insurance or her insurance cover the cost?

That's usually dependent on the state laws and individual policies. most states go to the vehicle first then the driver. If she lives with you she better be on your policy already or the have cause to deny it. If her policy covers her driving other cars (most do) then you can go through hers. As long as both companies accept coverage, then its your choice.

What if a car hits your car as you are backing out?

They have the right of way. Even if they hit you on purpose insurance companies favor the car already in the lane.

What are the insurance rates for an uninsured motorist in Pennsylvania?

Insurance is a very important part of driving and in most states your not allowed to drive if you don't have insurance on your car already, but there are a list affordable Auto Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania. The top pick however, is Safe Auto.

Is appraisal different from insurance?

Yes it's done by an expert to set value of something. Insurance is protection from loss. Insurance companies will do appraisals on jewelry and uncommon items unless one has already been done by a source they accept.

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