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Will insurance cover an Air condition damage?


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It depends on the cause of the damage. It has to be due to a covered cause on your homeowners policy. If it is due to maintenance then it is not covered.

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Absolutely. A central air unit is considered and covered as part of the house while a window unit is considered personal property. As long as damage happened due to a covered cause then the homeowners policy will cover damage to the ac unit.

Only if it is for covered damage (such as hail, flood, etc.) not for normal "wear and tear."

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It depends on why it went out. Your Homeowners policy covers damage resulting from certain perils such as fire wind hail, lightning etc If it's just old ac unit and in need of replacement or repair then NO. Your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for homeowners normal maintenance and updates.

Check your policy and call your agent or insurance company. Find out if you have coverage for an AC, the type of damage caused by leaks and if there is a deductible. If the air conditioner is still pretty new, check your warranty and talk with the store you bought it from.

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No way of answering without knowing the specifics if your policy. You should speak with an agent from the company which issued the policy.

You should contact the at fault party's insurance company and let them know you have a property damage claim. You will need an accident report. Photos of the damage or an estimate for repair will also be helpful.

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