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It's unknown whether Cena will regain his WWE title from Edge as of this moment in time. Keep watching WWE to find out.

i believe cena will win there is no way they will allow both belts to be on smackdown


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He will when he beats Big Show and Edge at Wrestlemania 25

yes cena will win the title at wrestlemania

Unfortunately,no. John Cena lost his worldheavywieght title at Backlash 2009 to Edge. So your new champion is Edge.

He clearly won it at Royal Rumble. YES edge is a loser

John Cena is on the Raw Brand. John Cena is on raw roster and waiting to get his wwe title back from sheamus

John Cena and Edge have never been friends.

I think it will be John Cena vs Big Show vs Edge for the title. But people are saying if Hulk Hogan declines to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 25 it will be John Cena vs Edge. If Hulk Hogan accepts it will be Big Show vs Edge. Big Show vs Edge

(2010) yes john cena is stronger than edge.

of couse john cena is better than a loser edge. john cena is better than him but edge think he is better than john cena i don't care if edge won the royal rumble. actually i am Jeff Hardy's fan.

Definatly no. Just because he is the rated R superstar and a woosy, doesn't mean he will get his title back. I think John Cena will get his world heavyweight championship back because edge is a shmuck.

No edge couldn't win w/ out big shows help.

Either John Cena or Edge because Edge is going to return and win the 2010 royal rumble match

cena likes edge on summerslam edge is in cena,s team i wish they are tag team Edge of Cenation time

On the WWE Homepage it says that John Cena was champion before Edge was

He'll probably lose it at Wrestlemania. John Cena lost his U.S. Title so he could win the title. jbl lost it at wrestlemania to john cena This doesent answer your question but wrestlers can hold two titles at once. So that guys statement about losing the U.S. title so he could win the wwe title was wrong. It was to make the wwe title feud a personal affair. It go's like this John Cena won at WW 21 then at New Years Revolution after the elimination chamber John won the match then edge cashed in his suit case then won the match edge did then at Royal Rumble John Cena won the belt back

Possibaly at the 2010 rayal rumble ppv

John Cena and Edge have a working relationship, but not much more. They don't have that much of a problem with each other

john cena because he has been more wwe champion

Yes John Cena is back Wade Barren had to hire him back

John cena is back when he will be rehired by barett if cena defeats him in TLC 2010

yes unfortunatly john lost it and triple h had it.then at the survivour seriers edge took the title from triple h.then at armagenndon Jeff hardy won the tittle.

He has done in the past.

No John Cena won Cena won by double f-uing big show and edge at the same time by lifting edge and big show on top of him.

Yes Wrestlemania 20 for the U.S Champion and 25 in the 3way with edge world title match

Who will beat John Cena for the wwe title?Answer:We all know tht john cena is defending his title against bobbly lashley this Sunday at the great American bash i think that bobby lashley the powerhouse the dominater will beat John Cena well its my opininon what about yours?

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