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Will keeping a freezer in hot temperatures effect your electric bill?


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July 10, 2011 4:40PM

Yes, let say your freezer is under the sun or too close to the wall or situated in a hot area of the house or anyplace, the compressor will have to work double time to offset the additional heat to the casing which if under the sun would heat up like a car in an open parking lot.

A2: Maybe not "double time", but the heating of the condensor coils (the outside ones on back or bottom)will definitely lower its efficiency. If the condensor coils get too hot, and can't get cool enough, it can burn out the compressor, too. Most modern units are high-efficiency, low amperage, and run-time, so they aren't designed to run continuously. Most modern freezers and refers have the great, new sprayed-in foam insulation, so, the direct heat of the sun only affects the inside slightly. Any heating of outer casing should only warm contents slightly; unless it is a very old unit or has leaky seals.