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It all depends if the fox actually preys on the ducks. Ducks have many more predators than just foxes. Fireants, possums, raccoons, weasles, domesticated cats and dogs, snapping turtles, largemouth bass and man all have an impact on the population of the ducks. Keeping a natural habitat where the duck can safely reproduce it's numbers would be more beneficial than trying to kill off predators that may or may not have any long term effects on the population.

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What is the population of Cyber-Duck?

The population of Cyber-Duck is 24.

What is the ducks niche?

A ducks niche is... * A duck keeps the fish population stable * They also increase sightseeing

What is the population of Automatic Duck?

The population of Automatic Duck is 4.

How can you get a duck out of a bottle without braking it or killing the duck?

By using a shrinking ray.

What is a threat to the blue duck?

killing one

Do foxes weigh more than a duck?

Yes, ducks weigh around 1 kg while foxes are around 4 - 10 kg.

Would a fox eat duck eggs?

Yes, Foxes are known for stealing eggs.

Is a duck a prey or predator?

A duck is both predator and prey. A duck eats living organisms such as small fishes (not to mention insects and grasses), which makes it a predator. Ducks are also preyed upon by foxes, wolves, and hawks.

What role does a duck play in ecology?

A duck keeps down the population of pond and river fish. FISH --> DUCK --> FOX Hope this helped!

Has a rubber duck ever killed someone?

Yes. A small pink rubber duck was sitting on a kitchen counter, then grabbed a knife, killing its owner.

What is the population of pink headed duck?

Population size= 50 mature individuals

Would a otter kill a duck?

Its possible. In 1997 an otter was accused of killing about 60 hens. Why?

What eats a duck?

Foxes, wolves, bears, wolverines, large fish such as pike, birds of prey and humans all eat ducks.

What are harlequin duck predator?

The Harlequin ducks predators are wolves, foxes, raccoons, snakes, sharks, weasels, hawks, owls, and eagles.

What eats harlequin ducks?

foxes, stoats,birds eats the harlequin duck but rats and cats eat harlequin ducks eggs.

Who eats canvasback ducks?

People :( and foxes. Rats also take to their ducklings but a fully grown duck can fight off a rat.

What kind of animals eats duck eggs?

well a lot of animals eat duck eggs such as Dogs,cats,crows,snakes,racoons,humans,foxes,wolf,coyote,and other meat-eating animals...

What is the best Pillow 1 Duck feather 2 Goose feather?

Foam rubber. Superior support and contours to your neck. Killing a duck or goose for your own comfort is not right.

What animal eats a duck to survive?

Quite a lot of animals depend on the duck as a food source. Foxes, for example... Sometimes wolves, and just about any other carnivorous animal in a forest that lives near farms with livestock.

Why does a mother duck kill her baby?

I have never heard of a mother duck killing her baby, so something might be wrong with the mother duck.Answer:It is not common for mother ducks to kill their ducklings but the male ducks, (Including the father), will kill the young for territorial reasons.

Should you help a baby duck hatch by trying to open the egg?

only if it is having a hard time . or if the egg has been left and is starting to cool down . you have to be very carefull you can end up killing the duck

How do you kill a duck?

you shoot it's beak and head off it's shoulders try and think of it as killing Justin bieber. <33

What were some wacky civil war inventions?

Well, there was the nose-bleed cannon and the duck-killing pistol and the semi-automatic egg catapult...

What animals eat mallard ducks?

Foxes, and raccoons eat young mallard ducks. Snapping turtles will also eat them. Mallard duck eggs are eaten by snakes, and crows.

What preditor of a duck feeds during the day?

It depends where you are. Ducks can be preyed on by "day foxes", cats, raccoons, birds of prey such as eagles, stoats, dogs, and many other predators