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My doctor said that it can stop your period. This pill is to lighten and shorten the length of your period. This pill has more days in which you actually take the bc pill. Other bc pills have like 4 fewer days then you take the sugar pills. If you want to have your period while taking this pill just disregard the last real pill. It should make your start your period. If not skip the last 2. I would talk to your doctor first.


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I was put on loestrin to try to get rid of ovarian cysts before trying to conceive. I have been on loestrin for 3 months continuously(no placebo) and just got the O.K. from my doctor that the cysts are gone and I can stop the pill. How long does it usually take to start a period again?

If you don't want your period this weekend so you are changing from Loesterin to Micrrnir and you stop your pills on a Saturday, you will likely start your period within 72 hours. Depending on how long your period is, you may not be done with your period by Thursday.

Only with the OK from the prescribing doctor.

LoEstrin Fe 1.5/30 is equivalent to Loestrin 30, Minestril 30. LoEstrin Fe 1/20 is equivalent to Loestrin 20, Minestril 20. Miniphase and Norimin are somewhat similar, but not an exact match.

LoEstrin 24 is manufactured by Warner Chilcott.

I'm on Loestrin and have just missed my first period on it in three years...but three weeks ago I missed three pills and had to double up a few days to get back on track. I have a period then and now apparently I cant have one at the normal time. However, you should contact your gynocologist.

There are a number of generics for LoEstrin on the market. One is Junel.

No. all iron pills are the same. If you are supposed to stop, then stop!

take a pregnancy test to be sure.. but i am on loestrin 24 fe and have not had a period in like 8 months. i starting researching because i know this is unhealth.. have found that many women have this same problem while taking this birth control

The answer is on your pack of birth control pills. LoEstrin comes in different strengths, and so your question cannot be answered without further information. For instance, there is LoEstrin 1/20 and LoEstrin 1.5/30. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist for more advice.

Yes you can by skipping the sugar pills and sarting the "active pills".

No, LoEstrin has different progestin than TriSprintec. (Tri Lo-Sprintec is no longer on the market.)

If you are taking Loesterin FE and you've not had your period yet, you may consider going to the doctor depending on how long it has been. They may recommend a short break from the birth control.

No, vinegar will not stop your period. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle and a natural function of your body, you cannot stop your period with vinegar.

Hi, When the pack has finished or the active pills, then you should get your period. After 7 days you restart a new pack of pills.

No matter your age there is nothing you can do to stop your period. your period is a nnormal function of your body, it will stop when it's due to stop.

Its Yaz- they have been out trying to scare Dr.'s with this message and now they are trying to scare consumers. These people will stop at nothing to try and sell their crappy pill- which they have little to no insurance coverage for. By the way a short period is the effect of all birth control pills.

If your weight gets too low then your period will usually stop. If you exercise a lot, that too can stop your period.

Microgestin is a generic for the drug Loestrin.

Your period may stop after inserting NuvaRing, just as your period may stop after starting a new pack of birth control pills.

No, Tylenol will not stop your period. It may help to decrease discomfort that comes with your period, though. The only drugs designed to stop your period are marketed as birth control pills.

is there anyway to stop cramps or help them?? i am talking about the ones you get with or before your period

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