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Really it was no help at all its only good to get rid of dead skin, but sea salt was a lot better

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Does milk and nutmeg work for pimples?

I have tried nutmeg with rose water.... over pimple marks.... it works but you will have to apply it over a period of time... It is said that Nutmeg with honey works on pimples

What is the history of nutmeg?

does nutmeg help to reduce arthritis pain

Does toothpaste reduce redness from pimples?

YES! if you keep the toothpaste on ur pimple for bout 30 minutes hten the redness of the pimple around it will reduce, and it will make it stop stinging! :-) UPDATE: you can also use eye drops (that reduce redness in the eyes). It also helps on pimples.

Are people who are allergic to peanuts allergic to nutmeg?

I have alergy to peanut and have pimples alergic what ca i do?

What food gets rid of pimples?

Drinking plenty of water helps you get rid of pimples.

What can reduce pimples?

just use anti-acne cream

Does baking soda work to reduce pimples?

no it does not the only way to reduce pimples is wash your face,dont eat much sugar, and stay clean or try pimple treatment if it is bad.

What is a homemade face wash for pimples?

It's like a paste which helps to remove the pimples from the face

What helps reduce pimples?

Cleaning and Reducing Skin Deposits Most treatments for pimples and acne concentrate on cleaning the skin pores. Others recommend the use of astringents to reduce liquid deposits under the skin, and antiseptics to prevent bacterial growth in these deposits. Another Suggestion Salt water may help you get rid of your acne. Go to the beach.

Does mixing nutmeg and milk really help get rid of acne?

It doesn't get rid of advance acne but it does get rid of normal pimples around the face

How do you reduce pimples on face?

by using medicated cream like retrieve or lazma

How do you cover pimples?

you can buy a green color corrector and apply that over red pimples. Then apply a liquid foundation, blotting over the corrector. This will reduce the appearance of redness. If the pimples are not red then you can apply cover up to a make up sponge and blot over the pimples.

How 2 reduce pimples on face?

Try a clay mask, it will help dry your pimples. Wash daily with a face wash (I use proactive and acne free).

Can you cure zits and pimples overnight and if so what do you do?

Nah I tried they cant be cured overnight but I do have a 10 tip list that may reduce zits and pimples by 60%

How do you get rid of thigh pimple?

thigh 'pimples' are not always pimples. they are sometimes heat rash. when your outside sweating your legs rub together causing this. to reduce them, moisturize!

How reduce pimples?

get pimple cream and rub butter or peanut butter on your pimple gently

Will ginger ale prevent pimples?

Nope but it Helps For Stomach Aches.

How can you get rid of pimples in one week?

I don't think there is any way that help you to get rid of pimples in just one week. But if you drink plenty of water in a day and eat more fruits and vegetables than you can reduce your pimples in one week.

What do you do about a pimple?

To remove pimple use some the tips i used, below are some useful tips. Do not neglect pimples. Take the necessary care as soon as they appear. • Cut down on foods that are spicy and oil. Also avoid sweets. • Use sulphur soap to keep oil glands clean. • See to it that you clean your face free of make-up at night before retiring to bed. • Steam your face once a week to keep the pores open. • Never try bursting pimples since it causes septic and may leave behind permanent scars. Herbal Remedies • Daily intake of a spoonful of honey mixed with rose water helps clear pimples. • Application of cucumber juice mixed with rose water also helps clear pimples. • Prepare a paste of cumin seeds in water and apply it over the pimples. • The milky juice of raw papaya applied on pimples also helps clear them. • Application of paste of nutmeg with milk is also an effective anti-pimple formula. • Application of a paste of rakta-chandan and turmeric made with milk also helps clear pimples

Nutmeg- seed or nut?

Nutmeg is the seed of the nutmeg tree.

How much nutmeg should be used in place of cloves?

You should be careful using nutmeg, in large quantities it can be extremely toxic. But it depends on how many cloves you have. I don't usually use just nutmeg for the toxic reason, but a mixture of cinnamon and nutmeg. Say you have 6 cloves, you would use 1/4 tsp cinnamon and 1/8 tsp nutmeg. Hope this helps!

What is the second best way to get rid of pimples?

Going swimming in saltwater helps alot.

Does yogurt helps get rid of pimples?

Yes only if your face is not allergic! Hope you enjoy. :)

Can Hydrogen Peroxide cure pimples?

No, Hydrogen Peroxide will not cure acne. It will reduce bacteria that cause and develop in acne.

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