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Q: Will oak tree die if stump is removed?
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What is a good turtwig nickname?

tree master grass ninja mossy oak magic stick stump Rupert husky tree Panzerleaf

How long can a oak tree live?

An Oak tree can live healthily for about 200 years, after which it takes about 30 years for the tree to die naturally.

Is oak tree an evergreen tree?

Most oaks are deciduous (leaves die in winter). Some oak trees, such as the Live Oak, the Cork Oak and the Holly Oak (Quercus ilex) are evergreen trees.

Where can you find oak tree leaves?


What is on a oak tree?

The are called Galls.

Is oak a tree or shrub?

An oak is a tree.

Is an oak tree a summer tree?

An oak tree is a summer and fall tree.

What happens if you cut the roots of an oak tree?

If cut too close to the tree and all round the tree it will die.

What type of tree is an oak?

an oak tree much?

What will grow from the seed of an oak tree?

An oak tree.

Why does a oak tree die after being cut?

cuz the roots is cut

What is the largest oak tree in the world?

The largest oak tree is the Dr. Oak from Pokemon.

Is oak coniferous?

An Oak is a deciduous tree not an evergreen. The acorn is the seed of the Oak tree

Is a white oak tree the same as a oak tree?

The White Oak, Quercus alba is a member of the Oak family.

What can eat an oak tree?

They do eat oak tree but does human

From what does an oak tree grow?

The 'acorn' is the seed of the Oak tree.

Where does the Oak tree originate from?

oak tree is orginated in Scotland

Is an oak tree a dicot?

Yes Oak tree is a dicot

Oak tree in Latin?

Quercus is Latin for Oak tree

When was An Oak Tree created?

An Oak Tree was created in 1973.

What is the food chain for a oak tree?

An oak tree is a producer.

Average height of an oak tree?

the average height of an oak tree is 60ft the average height of an oak tree is 60ft

Why would an oak tree and a cactus not do well if they switched homes?

If an Oak tree lived in the desert it would die because it wouldn't get enough water to keep itself growing

What is the fruit of oak tree called?

The fruit of an oak tree is an acorn.

How do you move an oak tree?

Can I move a 30 foot oak tree.