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Q: Will pawn shops buy Brighton jewelry?
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Do pawn shops buy?

Pawn Shops do buy items from sellers (and the sellers can be anyone in the world who wants to sell something to the Pawn Shop). However, Pawn Shops usually do not buy anything that is very common.

Where can I buy nice body jewelry?

Pawn shops may have some good jewelry but not much of variety to choose from.You don't need to go to pawn shops to get wonderful body jewelry when you can get new and really good ones on sites like spencersonline, amazon, and bodycandy.

Do pawn shops buy swords?


What does a pawn shop buy?

Although each pawn shop is different, most pawn shops will buy anything of value.

where in tell city can you sell jewelry i do not want anymore?

Some jewelry shops will buy back jewelry, there are pawn shops and right now gold is very valuable and there are companies traveling the country buying up old jewelry. Keep an eye out for those in your local media.

Where can you buy a cash cover wallet?

Gift shops? Brighton?

What stores buy used televisions?

Try pawn shops.

Where can you buy a gun in l.a?

Gun stores, pawn shops.

What pawn shops will buy paintball guns?

Mostly all of them.

Does pawn shops buy washer and dryer?

yes some do

Where can you buy dirt bikes?

Motorcylce shops, pawn shops, out of the classifieds in the newspaper, and off of the internet.

Where can you buy an AR-15?

Gun shops, pawn shops, gun shows, want ads.

Does pawn shops buy bikes with flat tires?

pawn shops will buy things that thery think they can make money on. if it is a nice bike then they may but no they will not with a regular bike with a flat tire.

Do pawn shops buy HGE rings?

Yes. it may buy ur ring.

Do pawn shops buy autographs?

Pawn shops will buy, or loan money on, just about anything they think they can resell. The smartest thing to do is call up local pawn shops and see if they will take them. Pawn shops are not known for giving good value on purchased items. If you don't need an immediate "fix" of money, you might do better on something like Ebay.

Where can you buy second hand guitar amplifier in US?


Are there pawn shops that buy pellet guns?

Yes, i have seen several.

Where can you sell your coins?

You can sell them on eBay. There are also many coin shops, pawn shops, and collectible shops that will gladly buy them from you.

Where to buy parts for Essex shotgun?

On line auctions, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops.

Where can you buy directv recievers?

You can buy Directv receivers from the company. You can also try pawn shops.

Do pawn shops buy broken PSPs?

While it depends on the shop owners, normally pawn shops don't buy items they can't sell. Because no one wants a broken PSP, a pawn shop is unlikely to purchase one from a seller.

Where can you buy cheap electric guitars?

Many pawn shops have guitars available.

any pawn shops near schaumburg illinois that buy new in box collectible barbie dolls?

Check out You would probably get more money for them selling them on Ebay, just fYi!

Can you sale an old bike in a pawn shop?

You can, but it'll be dependent on whether or not they want to buy it. Pawn shops aren't guaranteed to buy everything offered to them for sale.

Do pawn shops buy chef knives?

A pawn shop might buy chef knives, but it would depend on the quality and condition of the knives, and your asking price.