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Will pein die?

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Yes. Pein (or Nagato) dies after his encounter with Naruto. The reason I said Nagato was because Nagato is the one controlling all the Peins. After Naruto tells him his resolve and his look on pain and hate He was influenced and used a jutsu that brought everyon killed by the Peins back to life but it cost him his life. However, Jiraiya remained dead from his previous battle with Pein.

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How does pein die?

naruto kills pein by going into sage mode

When did Friedrich Pein die?

Friedrich Pein died on 1975-02-14.

Does Kakashie sensei die?

Yes, Pein kills him, but then Pein brings him back to life.

Did Naruto die when he fight pein?

Naruto didn't die, and he didn't beat Pein either, Pein gave up his life to resurrect the dead people of Konha which cost his life

In Naruto Shippuden does Pein die?

Yes, he does die.

In Naruto Shippuden will pain die?

Yes, Pein does die.

How does Jiraiya die in Naruto?

pein kills him

Does kakashe hatake die?

yes by pein

How did Toby jiskra die?

Pein kills him.

Does jiraya from Naruto die?

Yeah.. Pein killed him

Does pein ever die?

Yes, naruto kills him

How does Jiraya die?

I think pein cut him in the neck.

Which episode does pein die?

Naruto Shippuden episode 203

Why does jiraya die?

Jiraiya was killed in a fight against Pein the Akatsuki's leader. He died because he lost while trying to stop Pein.

How did Nagato give Pein the rinnegan?

Nagato is Pein, so if he was Pein, then Pein would already have the Rinnegan.

Will kakshi die?

Yes kakashi does die,He dies by pein trying to save the others. but pein brings him and eveyone that died in the fight back to life after he is defeated by naruto (read this at one

How does pein die in Naruto?

Pein dies because of Naruto's Kyuubi after he stabs Hinata, also because everyone else from Konohakagure kill his puppets.

Does Hinata Hyuga die?

She does die, but then Pein revives everyone from the battle, including Hinata.

Will Naruto get revenge for jiraiya?

Maybe cause jiraiya did die against pein so even if pein is akatsuki leader naruto oughta' find a way

Is pein Naruto?

No Pein is not Naruto...

Will Hinata die in manga chapter 437 or sakura will save her later?

after naruto deals with nagato(the creator of pein)he will revive anyone that pein killed like Kakashi.

What episode does pein die?

In episode 165 Naruto uses Rasen: Shiruken

Dose Kakashi die?

he dies once but then pein gets him back alive.

How did pervy sage die?

he went to the hidden rain and was killed in a battle with pein

What episode does pein die in?

The episode hasn't come out yet you have to read it in the mangas