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No, only "comprehensive" coverage would pay for that. Liabiility AKA PLPD AKA property damage and liability ONLY covers other vehicles you may damage in a crash YOU have caused.

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Does liability auto insurance cover your car if you hit a pole?

No. Liability insurance will only cover your liability for property damage/injuries to others. In this case, it would cover the damage to the pole you hit. Your liability coverage will never cover damage to anything you own. You would need collision/comprehensive coverage to cover damage to your car.

Does property damage liability cover damage to your neighbors property?

Yes, if you have Liability coverage on your policy, then it would provide coverage for the cost of legal defense as well as court judgements rendered against you for whch you are found liable.

Does liability coverage cover the person driving and causing the accident?

Liability coverage offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage to the other vehicle and passengers who you hit if the accident is your faulty. It does not cover you or anyone in your vehicle.

Which auto insurance coverage pays for injury or damage that the insured driver causes to other people or their property?

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability should cover those.

You have liability insurance but no collision coverage and your car was hit by another driver will their insurance cover your damages?

Yes, if they accept liability and they will pay up to the limit of property damage coverage.

Will homeowner's insurance normally cover a property damage claim which exceeds the liability coverage limit from a car accident?


Does all general liability insurance cover damage at depreciated value?

General liability insurance does not provide property coverage, except for 3rd party claims alleging property damage due to the insureds' negligence.

Is property damage liability car insurance required?

Property damage liability insurance is to cover the damage you may cause to someone else's property. Different states have different car insurance requirements and regulations. Further, some people get larger property liability insurance coverage than the minimum requirements.

Should homeowners insurance cover damage to a neighbor's property?

Your home insurance property coverage portion of your policy would not provide coverage for property of another. However, If you are found liable for damage to your neighbors property your liability coverage would invoke. Most homeowners Insurance policies come as a package with some level of Liability Insurance unless you purchased stand alone property only coverage.

What does property damage liability car insurance cover in an accident?

Property damage liability car insurance will cover the individuals car and property that you hit. It will not cover anything to do with your vehicle if the accident is your fault.

Does homeowner insurance cover renters fall?

No, the property owners coverage does not provide coverage for a tenants property or liability.

What does terrorism insurance coverage cover on a general liability policy?

Federally defined acts of terrorism which cause physical damage to your property.

Will American family liability insurance cover you if you hit a deer?

The liability will cover for most property damage that may happen. I don't think that the deers family will sue you so that may not apply in this case. If you have coverage for the vehicle such as comprehensive and collision coverage, then it should cover your vehicle for the damage that was done, minus the deductible.

What does liability coverage mean?

Liability coverage covers you if you are found liable or at fault for damages. In the case of auto insurance, for example, this coverage pays for damages you cause in an accident that is you fault. This coverage will NOT cover your car damage, however. Just the other drivers car, medical bills, & other property damage.

What is the liability coverage for intentional damage?

Liability coverage is for damage caused where the driver is at fault in the accident. It specificall excludes intentioal acts. If you intentionally damage another vehicle or other property there generally is not coverage. This is because liability insurance of any type, not just auto coverage, is intended to cover only accidental occurrences. That said, there are circumstances where the linsurance may cover what might be considered intentional acts, but this relates mainly to self-defense.

Does Texas liability insurance cover if the two cars involved in the accident are register under the same persons name?

Here is the problem with that,"It is not legally possible to be liable to ones self"So no, liability only coverage will not cover damage to your own property, That's what the comprehensive and collision coverage is offered to you for when you purchase your auto insurance. Comp and Collision provides coverage for your own property, Liability provides coverage for property and injury of others.If you bought liability only, there is no coverage for your own property.Answer:It should, and if it doesn't, there should be other parts of the policy that can pay out. Coverages such as uninsured motorists or medical payments.

Does homeowners insurance cover a window cracked by a rock thrown by your neighbor's lawnmower?

There is a coverage on most homeowners policies that is called "Pysical Damage to Property of Others". So, since you neighbor caused physical damage to your property, this would be the logical place to start. If this is not available, then the Liability coverage [portion of his policy would cover the damage.

Does car insurance cover damage caused by trailer detaching from vehicle?

Liability coverage extends from the vehicle that is pulling a trailer, boat, or camper. This means if you are backing up in a parking area and the camper hits another vehicle the liability coverage will cover the damage to the other vehicle. Even if you are going down the road and the trailer comes loose the liability is still attached to the trailer and damage it does to another persons property is covered by liability from the vehicle that it was attached to. The kicker is that damage to the trailer itself is not covered by the vehicle pulling it. You would have to have a policy on the trailer itself for physical damage coverage to cover damage to the trailer.

What is liability coverage on auto insurance?

This means that if the accident was your fault, your insurance will pay(up to an amount that is on your policy) for the other property and persons involved in the accident. Liability insurance does NOT cover your vehicle damage.

Does liability insurance cover equipment rental?

Liability insurance does not cover the property value of the rented equipment, but your liability insurance may cover damages resulting from claims of the use of the equipment. Example, you rent a forklift and accidently crash it into a truck you are loading. The truck owner sues you. The liability policy would probably cover the damage to the truck or any injuries caused during the accident, but would for sure not cover the damage to the forklift. Here are several opinions from FAQ Farmers: * Commercial General Liability insurance cannot cover equipment rental in the case where the insured has rented equipment. The 'exclusion j' under the coverage A states that "property owned, rented or occupied by the insured" is an exclusion under "Bodily injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage". Also, exclusion j also specifies that "property loaned to the named insured" is also excluded. * You are does cover the use of such equipment but does not cover if stolen, etc.

Will homeowners cover damage to non owned golfcart if you damage it?

Homeowners insurance is coverage for specified property owned by the named insured. It does not cover the property of others.

What protects you with liability insurance driving?

Hopefully an airbag. Liability coverage will cover damage and injury you cause to another person or their vehicle.

Does renters insurance cover property damage done by your dog?

It depends on what type of coverage you are looking for. If your dog chews up your own property, probably not. You need to be proactive and either teach your dog not to chew up your stuff or isolate it so it can't chew up your stuff. However, if your dog chews up someone else's stuff, it probably will cover it. In Wisconsin, there are two types of coverages available that might provide coverage: damage to property of others, which applies regardless of whether or not you are liable for the damage (although in this case, you would be), and personal liability coverage which only applies in instances where the damage is your fault. Usually the damage to property of others coverage is limited to about $500. The personal liability coverage is usually a minimum of $100,000, but is often much higher.

What does the liability portion of auto insurance cover?

Caution Laymans Answer! Basically Liability is to cover damage done to outher people and other peoples property.

When borrowing a pickup and hauling furniture something flew out and damaged truck He only has liability will that cover it or will your insurance have to cover it?

Liability would only cover the insured for his damage to the property of someone else. Your insurance will have to cover the damage to his truck.