Will protein change the texture of your hair from curly to straight?


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There is no way to make straight hair curly unless you use a curling iron. For more of a long term curl you would have to get a perm.. I agree i have a friend that has straight hair and theres no possible way she can turn it curly unless she uses a curling iron or she gets a perm.

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Hair is made of keratin, a protein fiber somewhat like wool. Whether hair is straight or curly is determined by your genes. The fiber of straight hair is round, while the fiber of wavy of curly hair is oval. In addition to genes, hormones also influence hair texture, and hair texture can change throughout a person's life, especially during times like puberty.

Coloring can change the texture of hair if texture is understood as the thickness of the hair shaft or the feel of the hair itself. It will not; however, change the texture of the hair if one is referring to how curly or straight the hair appears.

What does it mean when your hair texture changes? I had real straight, soft hair now in one spot on the side of my head its real corset and curly? I'm 32 years old.

Human's hair texture is controlled by genes. If a parent has curly hair the likelihood that their offspring will have it is very great.

My hair changes .it was curly then straight then curly and now it's between them

The hormonal changes during menopause can change the texture of your hair. The body goes through many changes during menopause. Hair and skin changes of may types are common.

75% chance of having straight hair and 25 % chance having curly Alleles Curly (woman) Curly Straight Straight Straight (guy) Straight Straight Curly

It depends on how long your hair is what color texture and weither its wavy,straight, or curly :)

buy a curling iron, if your genetics says you have straight hair, then you have straight hair. sorry.

Some times after chemotherapy. My hair came in curly, but it only lasted till my hair was cut the second time. My hair had always been straight before that. Some people will always have curly hair and some will go back to straight

If you have straight hair of curly hair. I think straight haris is dominant.

straight although she does wear it curly alot its straight naturally = ]

It sure has made mine curly! I have Very long corkscrew curls now since I've gone into the "Change" that I never had before. I LOVE it!

no you could straight them even they are curly but i want them curly.

straight and curly are both co-dominant genes so if one parent has straight hair and another has curly then the child may have wavy hair

try curling shampoos and curling creams, also mousse helps, but you really should embrace your natural texture! straight is beautiful, so is curly, wavy, and relaxed. People everyday hurt themselves with flat- irons just to get your hair type! Embrace the straight!

There are quite a few factors that go into the texture of a persons hair. The main factor of course is genetics, look to your parents to see their hair type and usually it will mimic yours. Other reasons include:Humidity in the airAll hair twists, even straight hair it just depends on the amount of twists.Hormones and medication can alter the texture of your hair and the way it grows.Shape and opening of the follicle: If you have curly hair, your hairs has a flat follicle. If you have straight hair, the follicle is round and on wavy they have an oval-shaped follicle.

No, curly hair is dominant

most of the time she has curly hair but there is a picture of her with straight hair

straight you see alot of curly haired beautiful ladies

the answer is because your protein in your hair is different. With thick hair you have more protein, with thin hair you have less protein that is also the reason for straight hair and curly hair.

Hair texture is not a dominant recessive gene. I do not remember what it is called but the definition is a mixture of both. The hair type will probably be wavy. Hope this helps.

Well, If your hair is curly some people like a change but some people don't but like I was saying if your hair is curly some days when you have time you could straighten it or if your hair is straight some days when have time you could curl it.

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