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No. It is just ignorance and stupidity on the part of fools.

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Why does planet X have to destroy earth in 2012?

Planet X does not existIt will not destroy Earth in 2012 as it does not exist.Internet hypes do exist, planet X does not.

When earth will get destroy?

2012 some time in december

Can nukes really kill and destroy everything?

The answer is yes they can. The are really the most powerful weapon on earth that they really destroy missiles, planes and everything.

When is there going to be a earthquake that will destroy earth?

actually there really can't be an earthquake that destroys the earth, there can be massive ones but none to actually destroy it

Do the 2012 Comet destroy the Earth?

no. 2012 end 0f the world is just a fiction movie.

Are aliens going to destroy your earth in 2012?

absolubtley not!!! Theres NO such thing as aliens!!!! + It plainly says in the bible that GOD will destroy the earth when it comes time.

What if aliens attacked earth?

what do you think is going to destroy the world in 2012?

What could destroy earth?

the end of the world or 2012 but that's a myth

Could a solar flare destroy the earth?

It could destroy the earth, if it was a super flare. The next solar flare is in 2011 or 2012, but it wont harm the earth. It will mess up radios tough.

Will earth will be really be destroyed in 2012?


What will happen if the black hole touches earth?

That would utterly destroy Earth.That would utterly destroy Earth.That would utterly destroy Earth.That would utterly destroy Earth.

Is 2012 really end of life in earth?


Will earth will destroy in 2012?

No the Earth won't be destroyed in 2012, yes you get meteors and debris from Outer Space that crash on Earth but most of that debris disintergrates in the Earth's Atmosphere so having meteors and Satelites crash from Space on Earth will ''not'' destroy the Earth and there's nothing that is on a trajectory course for Earth right now so that's how I know the World won't end in 2012, I did my research so that's how I know however the World will end someday but not ''2012''.

Is a meteor going to destroy earth in 2012?

Considering that it is 2016 and we are still here, it seems unlikely.

Will 2012 destroy the earth?

Its not like that there is no such things like that the human does not know this EVEN THE SCIENTIST does not know this

Really earth will be destroyed in 2012?

2012 has been and gone and it didn't happen

Will the earth be destroyed in Dec of 2012?

i think its not really gonna be

Where does the bible say that god will destroy those who destroy the earth?

Revelation 11:18 promises that God will: "...destroy them that destroy the earth."(ASV)

Will an asteriod destroy earth?

Not any time soon that we are aware of. If you are thinking of the "2012" hoax, that's entirely false.

How did a earthquake destroy the earth?

earthquakes destroy the earth by killing people,places,and things.

What is the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

In the religion of the Pastafarians he is the creator of the universe and everything in it. In Nellaswisum, he will destroy the Earth is 2012. If you eat spaghetti that is.

Can an asteroid destroy the earth?

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

Who is the antagonist in the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

The Vogons... after all they did destroy Earth. Plus they are really bad at poetry.

What may happen if an asteroid gets too close to the earth?

If we can , we'll destroy it but if not it may destroy something on earth. If it was a huge one , it might destroy EVEN the life on the Earth !

When will global warming destroy earth?

Global warming will not destroy the earth. The earth can deal with temperatures very much hotter than now. However, if global warming does not stop it will destroy all life on earth.