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If you are referring to the Hybrid Solar Lite manufactured by Hybrid Light, LC, then ther answer is yes, but it is already in there. An LSD NiMH rechargeable battery that never needs replacement is in the light. Seperate from that system is a back up battery (CR2032 lithium) to light the way when the solar power is discharged. The back up is replaceable at any drug store. Ideally you don't use the back up battery so it should last the 7 year shelf life. They cost about $3 for two back up batteries so it is very economical as well. Recycle the back up batteries that you have replaced. Being that this light does not require constant changing of expensive batteries, it decreases pollution as well.

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Q: Will rechargeable battery work in a solar lite?
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What batteries do you use for solar lights?

It can be rechargeable or regular but it won't work on some solar lights if your solar light don't work put a new battery in it if it still don't work put a rechargeable battery in it then it will work.

Can you Use Regular Batteries In Inwood Solar Lights?

I would strongly suggest the use of rechargeable batteries over conventional batteries. Non rechargeable batteries could "explode" during recharging. Any rechargeable battery will work if they are the same voltage.

What makes a Nintendo DS work?

A rechargeable battery makes it work.

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A rechargeable AA battery will work in any device that needs AA batteries.Same with AAA's

Can you use regular batteries in solar lights or should they be rechargeable?

Yes you can use regular batteries in solar lights but it won't work on some solar lights like the inwood solar lights but some inwood solar lights can run on regular batteries. But some solar lights can only work on rechargeable batteries and come on at dusk and off at dawn or after six hours.

Are the different brands of rechargeable batteries interchangeable with different products?

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Maybe, those ratings should work. However the contact layout or battery shape might be different, making use impossible.

What happens if rechargeable batteries are not recharged for a long time?

Rechargeable batteries that are not charged for a long time will still work sufficiently. Batteries that are overcharged will damage the battery.

How does a solar powered generator work?

A solar powered generator involves a photovoltaic module, a deep cycle rechargeable battery and a power inverter. The photovoltaic module takes in sunlight and converts it to a DC or direct current and this is stored in the battery. The battery can then be used to power household appliances by taking the power from it and converting it to alternating current or AC with the inverter. The plug in the generator puts out AC for an appliance to use.

I have a Kodak camcorder and want to know if I have to have Kodak rechargeable batteries or can I use another brand?

You do not have to use Kodak rechargeable, any brand of the same type of battery should work fine.

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The meaning of w126 is the wattage of a battery. This describes the amount of energy and work the rechargeable battery is able to produce once it is fully charged.

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A rechargeable battery (also known as a storage battery) is a group of one or more electrochemical cells. They are known as secondary cells because their electrochemical reactions are electrically reversible. Rechargeable batteries come in many different sizes and use different combination of chemicals; common types include: lead acid, nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), lithium ion (Li-ion), and lithium ion polymer (Li-ion polymer). Rechargeable batteries can offer economic and environmental benefits compared to disposable batteries. Some rechargeable battery types are available in the same sizes as disposable types. While the rechargeable cells have a higher initial cost, rechargeable batteries can be recharged many times. Proper selection of a rechargeable battery system can reduce toxic materials sent to landfills compared to an equivalent series of disposable batteries.[dubious - discuss] For example, battery manufacturers of NiMH rechargeable batteries claim a service life of 100-1000 charge cycles for their batteries.

Does the psp 1000 battery work on a 2000?

A PSP phat battery will work in a PSP slim and lite, but bear in mind that a phat battery is deeper than a slim one, you will not be able to close the battery compartment using the origina battery cover.

Can you use ordinary rechargeable batteries in solar lights?

I put new rechargeable batteries in my garden lights having given them a full charge before hand. They don't work. Has any one any ideas.

How does solar power lights work?

Solar lights work by the solar panel collecting the sun energy during the day and storing the energy in a battery bank. At night, the controller provided by the solar system turns the light on and uses the stored energy from the battery. In the morning, the cycle repeats.

Why do some solar powered calculators work at night?

They use power from an internal battery when solar energy is not available.

Are there certain kinds of rechargeable batteries that are better to use with my CD player?

For something as simple as a cd player any rechargable battery will work.

How does a solar car work on a rainy day with no energy?

Battery back up.

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How does solar automobiles work in night timers?

The solar panels can intake enough energy in the day that it can power a battery for use of the automobile at night.

What mobile phones models work without a battery?

None ! ALL mobile phones need a battery to work ! So far - no-one has invented a solar-powered mobile phone.

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A battery charger is used specifically for rechargeable batteries. It cannot be used with regular batteries. It's a base that's plugged into an electrical outlet. You place the batteries on the base to charge them to be used multiple times.

AA Battery Chargers Available on the Market?

Consumers who are tired of throwing out their drained AA batteries should consider buying rechargeable batteries and investing in an AA battery charger. These battery chargers only work with rechargeable batteries, and both chargers and compatible batteries are manufactured by Duracell, Energizer, Nikon, and various other companies. AA battery chargers are available in stores such as Best Buy and Target, and vary in cost from 15 to 50 dollars, depending on the model.

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Yes it will when the battery dies . You will know when the battery dies when he green flashing lites turn red . That's when you know that you need to charge it . You will need a charger to make the battery lite go green .