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Will rechargeable battery work in a solar lite?

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2009-02-17 19:07:54

If you are referring to the Hybrid Solar Lite manufactured by

Hybrid Light, LC, then ther answer is yes, but it is already in

there. An LSD NiMH rechargeable battery that never needs

replacement is in the light. Seperate from that system is a back up

battery (CR2032 lithium) to light the way when the solar power is

discharged. The back up is replaceable at any drug store. Ideally

you don't use the back up battery so it should last the 7 year

shelf life. They cost about $3 for two back up batteries so it is

very economical as well. Recycle the back up batteries that you

have replaced. Being that this light does not require constant

changing of expensive batteries, it decreases pollution as


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