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maybe Kane will take it off

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Q: Will rey mysterio take off his mask at WWE no mercy 2008?
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Why did rey mysterio take off his mask?

because he had lost the match so he had to take his mask off

Why doesn't rey mysterio take off his mask?

Keep his identity a secret.

In WWE smackdown vs raw like rey mysterio can you change or take off his mask in edit?

Be more specific. In Smackdown Vs Raw 2005 - 2008 You have to pick what they made for Mysterio ButSmackdown Vs Raw 2009 - There Are Two Choices.Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 - You can edit the colors.NONE of them can take off his mask.if you really want his mask off try YouTube'ing on how to take it off or make a Caw just like him from

When will rey mysterio take off his mask?

Never again, I'm pretty sure of that.

When did rey mysterio take his mask off?

When Eddie died Yes but it never showed his whole face

When will rey mysterio take of his mask?

its hard to say for sure early in his career he didnt use a mask you can google image photos other masked wrestler such as Kane from the wwe had masks many years before removing them

Do you think Cody Rhodes will take his facial mask off at wrestlemania when he fights against Rey Mysterio?

he probrably won't considering he is too embrasst to show everyone his face

What does rey mystero look like without mask off?

Rey mysterio actually looks pretty good without his mask. The only time that he took it off during a match was ij the summerslam when he lost a match and had to take off his mask the next time that he steped into the ring. He was mad and it took him a while to get over the fact people seeing him without a mask. But take it from me when i say he looks sooooo good!!!

Does Rey Mysterio take stariods?

No, but he does take steroids.

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vira will take the mask

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Try looking at Roger Glover's song 'The Mask' That might be what youre looking for.

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Does rey mysterio take any kind of drugs?


What happened to Rey Mysterio 3rd child?

the third child is expected to take birth which is what Rey mysterio and his wife angelica(angie) revealed and pretty soon Rey will have 3 kids

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