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No they will not because they are robots and we are human. It would be like animals working on us. not a good thing!

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Do you think robots are good or bad for the world?

At some point, robots are essential in our life since robots are made to make our lives easier but it also has disadvantages, a good example of this is the contribution of modern technology to our environment. As people's life gets easy, the air that we breathe gets dirty unless we make robots that has the ability to purify air.

Do Capricorns make good doctors?

Yes, Capricorns make GREAT doctors! I also think Capricorns, make great lawyers and accountant's.

Are big robots or small robots faster?

I think that big robots because they make bigger steps than the smaller robots...;)

Why did Motorola make the droid razr?

Good question, maybe so robots could shave.

Why are robots expensive?

because the company's that make the robots like money

Are robots in the science fiction center?

no.because some scientist do make robots .robots do exist they don't make them as u see them on tv they make them to do certain things they actually exist.

What will robots in the future be like?

Not like robots in the past. Or tomorrow. But they should be good :)

Is 15 dollars an hour good pay?

no because we will want robots to do the work because the robots work faster and you don't pay robots

Why make robots more human?

humans are like robots because the have the same features

What kind of robots did Ellen ochoa do?

she did nasa robots which are very good because you don't have to outerspace with the robots you just need to see everything around there!!!@@$$**&&!!@*

Where do they make robots?

the robot station

What are the pros and cons using robots in manufacturing?

Pros:people don't have to do dangerous jobsrobots don't have to be paidrobots do not need breaksCons: robots can break down or make mistakesrobots kick people out of jobs

In what ways do robots make life easier?

Robots relief the stress of work and chores mostly.

What kind of things do doctors do?

Doctors should need to be updated and do research about new diseases and their best solution. Doctors should also need to make a good relation with their patients.

Did robots try to destroy the world 100 years ago?

That will never happen because it was 1912 if robots try to destroy the world.Also the technology back then would actually make it impossible to make robots.

Who are good robots?

they are called octo bots

Are mechanical robots alive?

Yes because, way back then robots were made by robòrt A'livnò and people were killed to make there brains fit in to a robots head

What type of robots were used in Star Wars?

To make the films, the robots were made by the crew members themselves.

How do you make a line following robot?

Line tracing robots are simply robots with an additional sensor placed on them.

How do you know the Jonas Brothers are real?

I know the Jonas Brothers are real because they are humans their not robots and nobody would think their robots cause robots can't have good looks like the Jonas brother do and they don't dance like robots or talk like robots and they don't even sing like robots!!!!

Who were doctors in ancient Egypt?

Good doctors

What kind of things does Japan make?


What do you call the people that make robots?


What do you use to make an iPod?

Robots and people

How do you make robots on The Sims 3?

Its not possible.