Will soda make iron rust?


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soda does not make iron rust ...

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Most modern soda cans don't rust -- they're made of aluminum; Rust is Iron Oxide.

Iron and oxygen. Rust is iron oxide.

Iron needs water and air to rust.

Pop/soda and orange juice are both acidic, and will probably erode a penny.. It won't make one rust, though. Iron and iron-based metal (like steel) rust, but a penny is copper-coated zinc, and will corrode (oxidize) by turning green.

Vinegar does not make iron rust. Oxygen makes iron rust. Vinegar provides an electrolyte that facilitates electron transfer that allows iron rust faster than it would if it were not present.

Rust is an iron oxide compound. There are several different iron oxides that make up rust.

Yes, the iron reacts with oxygen in the water to make iron oxides known as rust.

aluminum does not rust. Rust is iron oxide, produced from the oxidization of iron.

Iron reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to make rust, a compound of iron and oxygen called iron oxide.

Not directly. Oxygen makes iron rust, and water helps.

There are a couple of elements that combine to make rust, or iron oxide. These two elements are oxygen and iron.

We can make iron rust faster by placing it in some type of corrosive substance such as acids.

Oxygen and Water. The equation for rust is: Iron + Oxygen + Water -> Hydrated iron (III) oxide. (rust)

The iron would react with the oxygen in the water to make iron oxide, or rust.

It can. Many juices are acidic, which will cause iron to rust fairly quickly.

rust is oxidized iron basically that means FeO or Iron Oxide. this occurs on steel, as steel is iron and carbon (amongst other things) it is the Iron that oxidizes to make the rust.

Aluminium does not rust. Iron is the only metal that rusts.

No they will not get rust they are not iron to get rust. only iron get rust.

Iron and oxygen are the two elements that make up rust.

bleach makes iron rust because it has the ability to change any colored objects. so if you leave any iron in a cup of bleach you will see the iron starting to rust.

To make iron rust you must need water and oxygen. ---- Iron rust is a mixture of Fe2O3.xH2O, Fe(OH)3 and FeO(OH); rust is formed in humid air. Rusting is a process of oxydation.

Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

niether it will rust faster in soda because of the chemicals and acids in the soda. F.Y.I soda eats your stomach just like it will eat the iron nail. if you dont believe this look it up or ask your science teacher or parent(s)

Whenever water or air is around iron for a while it can rust because the iron bonds to the oxygen forming iron oxide.

When you combine iron and water, the iron oxidizes to make iron oxide, a copper colored material, more commonly known as rust.

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