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It may or may not...if there is some acid in the solution, then sulfur is a byproduct of the equation, which will lead to a sulfur smell. However, I don't feel like it would cause the smell, without at least a catalytic amount of acid.

2011-09-13 18:08:12
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What solution is produced when water and sodium thiosulfate will mixed?

A solution of sodium thiosulfate is produced.

What would happens when sodium thiosulfate mix with water?

When water is mixed with sodium thiosulfate the surrounding area temperature decreases causing the temperature to become, colder. for example; the water is at 22.5 C when you mix it with sodium thiosulfate the temperature could decrease up to 19.5 C this is because sodium thiosulfate an endothermic reaction which makes new bonds with the water and the sodium thiosulfate

What substances when mixed together will produce table salt?

Sodium Chloride NaCl

What gas is produced when sodium is mixed with water?

Sodium metal is very reactive and would explode when in contact with water and produce hydrogen gas.

Can dirt rotten?

no not unless something is mixed with it that goes rotten but the dirt itself does not rot

Can sodium hydroxide be mixed with potassium hydroxide?

Both of them are strong alkali and they do not react with each other. It would produce an ionic mixture that has potassium, sodium and hydroxide ions.

What will happen when Silver nitrate is mixed sodium chloride?

They will react to produce sodium nitrate and silver chloride.AgNO3(aq) + NaCl(aq) --> NaNO3(aq) + AgCl(s)

What happens when sodium sulfate is mixed with water?

Sodium sulfate dissolves when mixed with water.

What to produce in mixed economy?

You should produce mixed goods in a mixed economy.

How do the changes that occur when water is mixed with salt differ from the changes that result when water is mixed with sodium?

When water is mixed with salt, the salt dissolves in the water but whenwater is mixed with sodium, the sodium reacts violently with water.

What salt is produced when citric acid is mixed with sodium hydroxide?

Sodium citrate (Na3C6H5O7) is produced when citric acid is mixed with sodium hydroxide.

What is the reaction when sodium bicarbonate and aspirin are mixed?

When sodium bicarbonate and aspirin are mixed the reactions emits carbon dioxide.

What is sodium and chloride called when mixed?

This is sodium chloride - NaCl.

Why does copper sulphate and sodium carbonate mixed together turn green?

Copper sulfate reacts with sodium carbonate to produce sodium sulfate and copper carbonate. (CuSO4 + Na2CO3 --> Na2SO4 + CuCO3) Copper carbonate is bluish green in color.

Nitric acid mixed with sodium oxide?

Sodium Nitrate I think.

What if Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrogen Fluoride are mixed?

NaF (Sodium Flouride)

What mixed with alkali is dangerous?


What is made when iron sulphate and sodium carbonate are mixed?

when their solution are mixed iron carbonate solid and solution of sodium sulphate is produced..

Why sodium chloride is hard but sodium metal is soft?

the sodium is mixed with chlorine and the properties are completely changed.

What is the salt formed when sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are mixed?

It is sodium chloride.

What is formed if sodium hydroxide is mixed with water?

You get an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide.

What colour is sodium?

sodium is a vomit colour with bits of grass mixed through

Why does egg yolk get mixed in with the egg white when an egg goes rotten?

a piece of #$*&

What happens when magnesium sulfate is mixed with sodium chloride?

No reaction occurs when magnesium sulfate is mixed with sodium chloride

What is the chemical name for NaSO?

Its a formula mixed together and it means Sodium sulfateSodium Sulfate is Na2SO4