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Q: Will sound travel faster through Aluminium or glass?
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Does light travel faster through air water vacuum or glass?

it travels faster through air.

Will sound travel faster through glass or air?

i dont know but the sound will stay more in glass

Why does sound travel through glass?

The denser the medium, the faster sound travels through it. Glass (silicon oxide) is fairly dense, and sound waves propagate through it faster than they do through air or water.

Why does sound travel through glass faster than gold?

Its because gold has a greater mass than glass

Why does sound travel faster through solids than liquids or gases?

bounces of glass

Does light travel faster in glass then it does in a vacuum?

No, slower.

Will sound travel faster through water or a glass window?

window, because sound travels fastest through solids, liquids second, and gases last.

Can both light and sound travel through glass?

Both light and sound can indeed travel through glass. These are substances in which light and sound often travel through.

How fast does glass move?

cracks in glass travel at over three thousand miles per hour

A material that light can travel through is?


What is a material through which light waves can travel?

Light can travel through transparent and translucent glass.

Does light have a medium to travel through?

No, apart from "spacetime". But it CAN travel through a medium such as air or glass.